#5Books: Book recs you need to read

#5Books book recs you should read

This week I found the most amazing essay about an author’s time in Rome, and I thought the book that grew from that time would be more cheerful, but it’s most definitely not. It’s filled with angst and hurt, and I think it’s going to be one of those books that’s going to be a punch to the gut. Then there’s a Britcrime novel about a doctor who gets drawn into a hostage situation, and finds a conspiracy. I feel like this another version of a Hugh Grant movie (and yes it was bad), but I can’t help myself: conspiracies! Next is a YA on supervillians. Or, what happens when someone decides to become a villain because the paperwork involved with becoming a hero is too hard? It sounds hilarious on the surface, but the blurb promises more. This next rec, well. I don’t think I’ve heard of this author more than I have than these last weeks. Thanks to Julia Roberts, I think. And the last, posts a most interesting what if, but I am still debating do I like the author? Do I like the emphasis on religion a crime novel presents?

Early one Morning: Oh, my. Ok, so here I was reading this awesome essay by the author of Early One Morning, Virginia Bailey, writing about her time in Rome, and how Rome is a protagonist in Early One Morning. But what is it about? Heartache. Chiara is fleeing Rome in WW2 when she sees a woman and her kids being herded onto a truck and claims the boy, Daniele, as her nephew. I’m not sure how that works, but what grabbed me is that Daniele brings her heartache through the years — what did he do? And in the book, his daughter calls her up one day and then she knows it’s time to face her past… which leads me to think there’s something there that she’s done too? What do you think? 

The Hollow Men: Reminders of an awful Hugh Grant movie aside, I find myself intrigued by this one: Harry Kent is a police surgeon sent in to treat a hostage taker, a teenager, and later on finds the teenager in danger in a hospital ward. So who is after the kid? And what does he know that he would think taking people hostage and asking for a reporter was the way to do … whatever he wanted to do?

Almost Infamous: A Supervillain Novel: There more than a couple of books around that flips the heroes and villains, and chosen ones story on its head, and no I am not getting tired of it. Heh. This is the story of Aidan who lives in a world of professional heroes and no villains. Given being a professional hero is a red-tape nightmare, he goes the villain route. And promptly becomes a target for some of the heroes, while the others want him to fight them to remain relevant. After all, what is a hero without a villain? But, the of course, Aidan learns more about what it means to wear a cape and mask… and I am hopeful about this. The blurb sounds funny at first, but by the end it makes me think there’s something more. What about you?

Home: Alright, I’m slightly concerned this is book 11 (Myron Bolitar series) in a series, but it sounds like it’s a standalone. Two boys are kidnapped from wealthy families, and 10 years later one is found. But where is his missing friend? And what happened? I am curious enough about Harlan Coben, the author since Julia Roberts optioned Fool Me Once, so I might give this one a try. 

Woman of God: What if the new Pope was a woman? There has to be religion right? But this is James Patterson, so it’s a thriller. I am torn. What do you think? Is it worth a shot? 

That’s it for this week! What strikes your fancy?

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