WOW: When Michael Met Mina

Can't wait Wednesday- What are book bloggers looking forward to reading next-

Waiting on Wednesday is held over at Breaking the Spine, and it highlights the books bloggers are hanging out for. This week, my choice is:

When Michael Met Mina by Randa Abdel-Fattah

This one is still months away, but I am looking forward to it so much! First, the blurb and then the gushing:

When Michael Met Mina is the dynamic, thought-provoking story of two young people – Michael, whose parents have founded a new political party called Aussie Values, and Mina, who fled Afghanistan with her mother via a refugee camp, a leaky boat and a detention centre – whose lives crash together when Mina wins a scholarship to Michael’s private school.

I think more stories like this need to be told, and need to be heard above the news of riots at a Halal expo or riots in Brussels: we’re a world so filled with hate, I desperately want a happy ending for us — though yes, the reality is far different.

What do you think? Will you check out When Michael met Mina?



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