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#5Books Book Recommendations

One of this week’s book recs follows a gay Arab man over 24 hours as he comes to terms with himself and the sociaty in which he lives. I am also weirdly growing more intrigued by historical fiction: this week’s books recs also includes a read that follows a female spy on a mission, but also somehow includes interaction with the man that killed her husband… in a good way. There’s also a mystery that’s been optioned by Julia Roberts, with her in the lead, which YES please! I also found something intriguing that I don’t know what to make off — it’s a fantasy/magic realism — and it’s about trees. Last, but not least, there’s a mystery of control: of a woman who is controlled by someone else into possibly ruining her life and her family’s… all through a letter.

Guapa: This is the story of Rasa, set in an Arab country. Over the space of 24 hours, his sexuality is found out by his grandmother and loses his lover and his best friend. As he roams his city, he meets the people who influence him, who make him understand who he is and the society in which he lives. Powerful stuff, I think.

Maisie Dobbs: Journey to Munich: This is the 12th in a series, but it feels like it could be a good standalone too. Maisie is a spy, and is asked to impersonate the daughter of a prisoner of war being released from a German prison — prisoners are only released to family members it seems. But what gets me, is in the middle of all this, the man that killed her husband is involved … so I want to know how THAT is going to work.

Fool Me Once: This has been optioned by Julia Roberts and I am already excited about it! It’s the story of Maya, a special ops pilot, who finds her husband on her daughter’s nanny cam… two weeks after he was murdered. And so begins her investigation into his past and as it turns out, her own too. WANT IT NOW. 

The Trees: Every time I think I have a handle on magical realism, I realise I really, really don’t. This is the story of a world in which trees have erupted into everything… as into houses and their inhabitants killing them for instance. This story follows Adrien, who ventures out into the world and finds Hannah and her son Seb. Together, they try to make it out of the forest… but the thing is, if it’s everywhere, how do they make it out? And what’s waiting for them?

You sent me a letter: Despite the rather innocent-sounding title, this story is anything but. Sophie wakes up to find a an intruder in her bedroom, who tells her she needs to read a letter at a dinner party or her loved ones will be in danger. The thing is, everyone at the party sounds like they’re going to have a letter to read. See, secrets abound. It sounds like it has the potential for a great character piece.

What do you think? What strikes your fancy this week?

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