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For this week’s book recs, I found a what amounts to be an author weaving three cases into a single novel and I can’t for the life of me figure out it’s going to work, but I want to find out. There’s another that follows a psychic who returns to her grandmother for guidance on how to control her powers, and finds herself in the middle of a missing person’s case. There’s another mystery set in Australia, in a small town, and follows the secrets coming out after a murder-suicide. Then there’s a mystery set in Paris in 1931 and OMG, I WANT THIS. And last, a fantasy world where a band of mercenaries is being hunted down one by one.

I feel like I was in a bloodthirsty mood this week, I think…

The Do-Right: This one is intriguing. So, Delpha Wade has been released from prison in 1973, and finds a position with Tom who is a private eye. Together they find themselves discovering the secrets in Beaumont in three different cases mentioned in the blurb, including Delpha finding the second man that raped her. Delpha is the attraction for me — who is the woman that came out of prison, compared to the woman who killed the man assaulting her? What is her relationship with Tom like? 

Ink and Bone: Ink and Bone is one of those that makes me want it NOW. Finley is a psychic whose powers are increasing and she turns to her grandmother, Eloise, for help in controlling them. But Eloise is in the middle of a case, trying to help a mother find her missing daughter, and Finley finds herself in the middle of it too. Three women here, Finley, Eloise and Merri, the mother of the missing daughter, make this a must have nowwww for me!

The Dry: The drought in Australia has had a debilitating effect on farmers and their families, beyond the effects on their produce. Jane Harper runs with this and weaves a tale of secrets around what looks to be a murder-suicide. Aaron Falk returns to his small home town for the funeral of his friend and his family, but as he realises everything might not be what it seems, he discovers a secret he shared with his friend could be coming out. What is the secret? And, small town Australia is something I want to read. 

The Paris Ripper: I will give most things with Paris in the title a chance, and with this title, I was hooked. And in addition, it’s set in 1931. The title obviously makes me think of a Jack-the-Ripper-esque criminal in Paris, but what does the blurb mean when it says the Ripper decides to face Belmont, the cop searching for him, head on? So, maybe not exactly like Jack the Ripper.

Snakewood: Set in a fantasy world, this is the story of a band of mercenaries who now disbanded are being hunted. Who is powerful enough to take on a band of powerful mercenaries?

So, what’s grabbed your attention this week?


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