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Can't wait Wednesday- What are book bloggers looking forward to reading next-

Waiting on Wednesday is held every week over at Breaking the Spine, where book bloggers share what they’re looking forward to next. My WOW book rec this week is: Where I Lost Her

Book rec: Where I lost her by T Greenwood

Before I read the blurb, the first thing that popped into my head was that this looks like the cover of a fairytale, or rather a happier book. Who is the girl, and what is the looking at? There’s almost something magical about this, but the blurb says it’s anything but:

β€œSpellbinding. I loved everything about Where I Lost Her.”—Mary Kubica, bestselling author of The Good Girl

In her page-turning new novel, T. Greenwood follows one woman’s journey through heartbreak and loss to courage and resolve, as she searches for the truth about a missing child.

Eight years ago, Tess and Jake were considered a power couple of the New York publishing world–happy, in love, planning a family. Failed fertility treatments and a heartbreaking attempt at adoption have fractured their marriage and left Tess edgy and adrift. A visit to friends in rural Vermont throws Tess’s world into further chaos when she sees a young, half-dressed child in the middle of the road, who then runs into the woods like a frightened deer.

The entire town begins searching for the little girl. But there are no sightings, no other witnesses, no reports of missing children. As local police and Jake point out, Tess’s imagination has played her false before. And yet Tess is compelled to keep looking, not only to save the little girl she can’t forget but to salvage her broken heart as well.

Blending her trademark lyrical prose with a superbly crafted and suspenseful narrative, Where I Lost Her is a gripping, haunting novel from a remarkable storyteller.

Who is the girl? Is Tess going nuts?Β This sounds like a gripping story and I suspect not at all happy-ish? I don’t know, but I wonder if the girl is in her memory after all and why Tess saw her.

What are you waiting on this week?


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