#LoveOzLit: Vikki Wakefield on pacing

Vikki Wakefield on the techniques she uses when it comes to pacing in her writing

Vikki Wakefield, the acclaimed Australian author of All I ever Wanted, cuts right to the chase in her quote above listing the elements that help her with her pacing, and they’re all elements you’ll know because you’ve probably given up a book because one of those elements is completely off.

The rhythm of a story is so important, I’m finding — no matter what you’re reading. I know I need something to urge me to continue reading, whether it’s the promise of revelations hanging over a crime fiction — and it doesn’t have to be the final reveal, crime stories are usually peppered with reveals along the way to the ending.

What drives me crazy though, is the idea that the final twist has to be IT — I’ve seen it in far too many narratives, while the rest of the book just scrapes by on mediocre along the way to the TWIST because that’s what matters.

In my head, I’m usually screaming: NO, no, it’s not what matters the most! 

What do you think of narratives that just tread water in an effort to get to the high note? That is, the twist?


  • I love that quote! I think you’re so right about that – the big confrontation or plot twist at the end isn’t the only important thing – it’s everything that comes before that makes us pick the book up and continue reading past the first few chapters after all.
    I need to learn enough about the characters so I care about them to continue reading – I think I just love stories being very character-driven – so that’s a really important thing for me 🙂

  • Verushka says:

    YES! The characters make the twist in the end really, and twist because it’s a twist just ruins everything.

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