#LoveOzLit: Candice Fox on pacing in crime fiction

Candice Fox on pacing in crime fiction

Like Emma Viskic, Candice Fox believes crime fiction should have hills and valleys and maybe stretches of humour even. And that pretty much sums up everything I want in a crime novel, I think.

But it also got me to thinking about a review of a book I DNF-ed and couldn’t quite articulate why until now: the first two parts, about 44 per cent (kindle) were flat — there were no excitement explosions, and it was instead a lengthy setting up of the main character and his training. The literary equivalent of a training montage, but not as exciting.

My goodness, I was bored. There was no change in anything.

The main character had nothing to like either — he didn’t like himself so there wasn’t much room for humour or anything else except self-loathing and I didn’t like him enough to give the second half a chance.

Have you had books which have nailed their scenes like Emma or Candice describes? Or which ones have surprised you with how flat they are?

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