#5Books: Book Recs you should read

5 book recs for week ending 60315

I am so curious about one of the recs I have this week because the blurb has found the perfect balance between telling me just enough without telling me anything — it’s either going to be horrible or brilliant, I don’t think there’s any middle ground with this one! It’s a murder mystery like the next one, which makes a state’s attorney question her family and an event in their past. It sounds like an awesome character piece, I think. There’s a new one by an acclaimed film director, which got my interest straightaway. Then there’s the story — a satire — about identity in a novel in which a young Nigerian is turned white. And last is a new series by an Australian author — well, new for me — it’s three books in and is about a psychic who experiences the final moments of victims’ deaths. Creepy, but it sounds good!

The Last Days of Jack Sparks: This is a murder mystery, but the blurb sounds like it’s so much more. The blurb gives just enough to make Jack Sparks bloody interesting and me bloody eager to know just what on earth he was in to: exorcism, pop culture journalist, Twitter and a  30-second video — see all good stuff and just enough to make a murder mystery so much more. 

Wilde Lake: I became a fan of Laura Lippman after reading Hush Hush last year. Like that book, Wilde Lake is a mystery and a book about a family with secrets. Delicious, messy secrets lol!

The Drowned Detective: This is the newest book by director Neil Jordan, who won an Academy Award for Best Screenplay for The Crying Game. But I had no idea he’s an author as well. This is the story of Jonathan, a private investigator who is asked to find a couple’s daughter — she’s been missing for 20 years. But then there’s an appearance of a woman who Jonathan sees committing suicide by jumping into a river and he saves her. Now, the blurb makes it sound like it’s the couple’s daughter, but are things every that simple?

Blackass: This is a satire about a young Nigerian man, Furo, who is turned white one day. But he still has a black ass. Yes. This questions society’s attitudes on placing importance on how people look, on race and social media — the good stuff.

Cas Lehman and Detective Ed Bryson series: Author Melanie Casey is Australian, and this is set in South Australia. Cas is psychic, in the worst way — she can experience the last moments of a person. This brings her into contact with Bryson and so begins the series. I found the third one in this series first before realising it was indeed a series and now I’m wondering if this is a series that can be started from any book? Anyway: psychic and Australian setting, colour me interested!

That’s it for this week — what’s got you interested?

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