Genrenauts: are you one? Read this!

Book rec: Genrenauts by Michael R Underwood

Does this title fill anyone else with glee?

So, I found this by accident, and I can’t even remember how exactly because my head is filled with GLEE at the whole idea of this.

Genrenauts is summed up thusly on Michael R Underwood’s site — or book 1 at least:

Leverage meets Jasper Fforde in the Genrenauts – where a group of storytellers that travel to the worlds based on narrative genres, fixing off-track stories to protect Earth.

See, GLEE. Underwood has always embraced everything about being a geek and weaving an amazing series in Geekomancy and this is no different. You’ll know the tropes, some might annoy you tremendously but if they go off track the Genrenauts step in to save the day!

Our heroine, Leah Tang is recruited in book 1 (The Shootout Solution), and sets out to make a story on a Western world right. Wild west never sounded so interesting!

Book 2 (The Absconded Ambassador) — these are novellas/serials it seems — is on a sci-fi world — gimme all the Star Trek please! (I hope!) OMG, there’s a space station called Ahura-3. GLEEE. I TOLD YOU.

I think even if you’re not a genre-nut like me, you’ll know these stories and tropes and love them! 


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