#LoveOzLit: Annah Faulkner on pacing

#LoveOzLit: Annah Faulkner on pacing

Here, author Annah Faulkner  takes a different view on pacing in writing — in fact, it’s the last thing she thinks about when she’s writing. She considers it part of the editorial process, and not part of writing per say. I’ve talked to many writers who do have a problem writing because they’re too worried about self-editing, and worrying about things like pacing.

I think it would take dedication to getting every word out, to the creative process to ignore the urge to self-edit or in this case worry about pacing.

Annah also mentions this article by author Sean Williams on pacing: it’s detailed look at how things can speed up or slow down your pacing in your writing by a best-selling author.

Do you find it easy not to self-edit? To give yourself over to writing whether it’s a blog post, a review or an essay?

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