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5Books: book recommendations for the week ending 21/02/15

Last week, I posted about the books based on mythology that I thought I might give a go,only to realise I couldn’t find many non-white authors as I would’ve liked who wrote in this genre. This week, I’ve done better — there’s a love story set in multicultural Britain, and another that tells us about life growing up as an Australian Muslim girl. There’s also a book set in 1999, during the WTO protests, written by a biracial author, and is impressive in that it many more characters than I thought it would during that time. There’s a tale of a ship that saw the Titanic’s flares and didn’t help, and last a love story, that’s a fairy tale too.

When Ali Met Honour: Danielle Freya posted this over at Breaking the Spine this week, and a love story set in multicultural Britain. Ali is Muslim, and is promised, by his parents, to a girl in Pakistan. Honour doesn’t believe in marriage, but they fall in love. It sounds bittersweet and, I want to think there’s something hopeful in its the ending too. Ruth Ahmed is in fact friends Anstey Spraggan who wrote Honour’s chapters, and Dimmi Khan who wrote Ali’s chapters. A multicultural love story FTW!

Does my head look big in this?: This one I found over at Pinker than Fiction Reviews. It’s a story of a young woman growing up Muslim in Australia and when I read the review, it struck me Amal could be any young woman, she just happens to be Muslim.

Hearts Anonymous: I don’t exactly know how to describe this. Hm. Ok, so Jack and Jeanie are lovers, when they are in an accident, and Jack wakes up with Jeanie’s heart in his chest. That’s when things get wild. Or weird. Because there’s a fairy tale involved somehow, and Jack starts living in. See, very weird, but I am all over this! 

The Midnight Watch: A novel of the Titanic and the Californian: Since it’s Oscar season and Leo and Kate are everywhere winning awards, inevitably Titanic is mentioned. Which is why this title caught my eye at first. It’s the story of the crew and captain of the Californian who saw the rockets the Titantic fired when it began to sink. And did nothing. In the aftermath, the book tells the story from the POV of a journalist, a family who lost loved ones on the Titanic, and the Californian crew as well. Once more onto the Titanic we go! I love that it tells a completely different story, but at the core everything revolves around the Titanic.

Your Heart is a muscle the size of a fist: Set during the WTO protests in 1999, which right there, got me interested. Further, it’s a tale that follows seven people during the afternoon, including the Sri Lankan financial minister who need to make a meeting with the US President. It’s a complicated mixture of people and their stories, written by a biracial author, whose father is Sri Lankan.

Which ones strike your fancy this week? 


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