#5Books: book recommendations you need to read

#5Books: Book recommendations

This week, I have some Aussie YA, a frigging intense urban fantasy, an exploration of the truth behind a case of schizophrenia, which involves a reality TV show, and this makes perfect sense these days. And last, there’s some Britcrime, and I kid you now, Shakespeare the spy. Seriously.

Clancy of the Undertow: By Christopher Currie, an Australian author. Clancy is a 16-year-old girl from a small town and a family of misfits. But, things get worse when her father is involved in an accident in which two kids are killed. And while all this is going on, Clancy finds she may just be making a friend, and more than that, her crush, Sasha might actually be interested in her too. This book has got glowing reviews all around and is filled with the messy goodness of growing up, IMHO. What do you think?

Drake by Peter McLean: The Burned Man (book 1). Don Drake is a hitman who happens to owe a debt to a demon. As you do. And to clear that debt, he carries out a hit and kills an innocent kid, which in turn brings the fury of the well, Greek Furies down on him. Throw in an almost-fallen angel and a battle against Lucifer and an evil magician and I am pretty much hooked. It seems impossibly too much for one book but I hope it’s as fabulous as it sounds. What do you think of it?

A head full of ghosts: By Paul Tremblay. Marjorie Barrett is 14-years-old when she is diagnosed with acute schizophrenia. When the doctors can’t do anything to help her, her family turns to a priest to exorcise their daughter’s demons, and eventually find themselves the subject of a reality TV show documenting it all — and how it all goes wrong. Fifteen years later, Merry, the youngest of the Barrett girls is interviewed and the truth comes out… ominous and awesome, right? 

The Spy of Venice: By Benet Brandreth. William Shakespeare, the spy. No really. Shakespeare the wordsmith and Lothario is sent to Venice on a mission. There are Catholic assassins and imminent danger everywhere it seems, and it’s William Shakespeare! I love it! 

Jonathan Dark or The Evidence Of Ghosts: By AK Benedict. This one has an awesome blurb, but the ratings on Goodreads aren’t very good. You decide: Maria is blind, but doesn’t let that stop her from knowing her city: London. Jonathan Dark is a DI who isn’t able to get over the death of a young woman at the hands of a stalker, who in turn then sets his sights on Maria. I feel like I know a movie like this? There’s a ring of familiarity about it that made me curious. Does this sound familiar to you?

What strikes your fancy in this list?



  • Annette says:

    Clancy of the Undertow gets my vote; this one sounds really good. Kind of like Shameless, but from a YA perspective. Drake also sounds like a lot of fun! What a great selection of books. Do you think you’ll get around to reading all of them this year?

    • Verushka says:

      Finding Clancy of the Undertow was a bit of a happy accident thanks to Twitter recommending people to me to follow! It does sound wonderful … and I hope so! I tend to get easily distracted by good books *blushes* I’m hopeless that way!

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