#LoveOzLit: Sean Williams on taking chances

#LoveOzLit: Sean Williams on characterisation

Throw what you know out the window, Sean Williams says, and take a chance. But like it’s been mentioned in an earlier series of #LoveOzLit about writing what you know, do your research. It brings some authenticity to your work.

I found out recently that Emma Donoghue, writer of Room, didn’t actually do any research on what Jack should be developmentally at five, or the effects of imprisonment would have been — or everything I’ve read about her suggests that she didn’t.

Does that surprise you? It did me given the topic. What do you think? 


  • Annette says:

    The advice does surprise me, but it also impresses me! Sometimes it’s good to break the rules and challenge yourself – just so long as you put the proper effort in!

    • Verushka says:

      I think that’s the key — putting the effort/research in. Today I blogged a quote from Candice Fox, which surprised me too. It’s about embracing stereotypes and working to find a unique POV on them which is a lot more grey than I am used to when viewing stereotypes: it’s always been either love or hate them. Nothing inbetween.

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