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So, this week’s book recommendations include a book that has a Hogwarts in South Africa. With better internet access. Heh. There’s a story of a grandmother who is convinced her friend is missing, and a mother who is convinced she killed her son — neither is what it seems in each of these books. There’s a story of two friends surviving an abduction and another of two friends bonding over their love of their favourite show and fanfic — story of my life!

Gena/Finn: Ahhh, I found this gem over on Natflix & Books. It’s a  story of two women bonding over fanfic over their favourite show! This is my life and I love it! I met my best friend because of our favourite show!

After the woods: This one was over on Petra’s Bokkblog. It’s the story of Julia and Liv who are attacked in the woods; Liv escapes and Julia is captured. When she’s found, she can only remember flashes of her 48 hours in the woods, and a year later when a dead girl is found in the woods, a reporter comes looking for Julia, linking her abduction to the dead girl. Creepy goodness.

Elizabeth is missing: This is the story of Maud, a grandmother who is losing her memory. But she’s convinced her friend Elizabeth is missing, and it becomes an obsession to the frustration of her family and friends. As it turns out, this obsession with Elizabeth leads her to remembering her sister Sukey’s disappearance in WW2. And both their disappearances are linked. It’s devastating watching a loved one’s memory go, and this helplessness breaks my heart.

How I lost you: Susan is convinced she killed her son, Dylan, because everyone else tells her she has. She has no memory of it, and she goes to jail. Three years later she’s released with a new identity, Emma, but upon release, she receives a photo of a boy called Dylan. So is her son alive or not? What wouldn’t she do to get her son back?

Apocalypse Now Now, Books 1 and 2: Sci-fi humour set in Cape Town. Heh. So, in book 1, our intrepid hero, Baxter, goes on a mission to save his girlfriend. Said mission is into the supernatural world of Cape Town in South Africa. And in book 2 — all this is going to sound very weird, because I’m deliberately not spoiling some stuff — he gets sent off to  what would be Hogwarts, with better internet access. And let’s not forget the apocalypse. Again. The blurbs themselves are hilarious! Go forth and read!

That’s it for this week’s book recommendations! Which ones grab you?

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