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This week, I’m including a graphic novel in these book recommendations. It depicts the sexual harassment (and more) experienced by men and women through art, creating a powerful read about all sorts of harassment. There’s an epic novel about a woman’s desire for revenge on the invaders that destroyed her home. A cute book about a mum who becomes spy made me laugh out loud. There’s a ghost story that reminds of the Supernatural episode Roadkill — the one with Tricia Helfer, way back in Season 2. Yikes, that show has been on for AGES hasn’t it? And there’s a woman who is hiding her past and adopts a new identity and starts a new life… and then her old one comes calling.

The Girl with no past: This was recced over on Elements of Living. Ok, first, it has a “if you like Gone Girl you’ll like” tagline on Goodreads — which I haven’t read Gone Girl, and I generally dislike comparisons like that… but I am intrigued: Leah is on the run and trying to escape her past. She manages to build a life for herself but … her past comes calling. So I am hopeful!

CodeName Cupcake: is a ridiculously cute book I saw recced in a newsletter from Underground Book Reviews. Basically it can be summed up like this: Molly is a suburban mum who is recruited into a spy agency. Who then proceed to tell her she has to infiltrate the PTA at her son’s school, to find out why it’s getting colder there, as in chillier. As in someone is messing with the weather. I got hooked at it being a send-up of all things to do with parenting.

When they Fade: This one is so creepy. SO creepy. And yet here it is. Ahem. I live in hope that I will one day get over my fear of horror. Anyway, I found this over on Icey Books. Molly is killed in the 1970s but instead of the afterlife, she remains a ghost. The kind that pops in and out of the freeway where she died, and tells the people she meets visions of their future: like Tatum, who is harbouring a secret about her best friend and a married teacher, and she’s going to die.

The Traitor Baru Cormorant: By Seth Dickinson, this has epic all over it. Baru’s world is forever changed when her home is invaded. She bides her time, rising through the ranks of the invaders until she feels she is ready to take her vengeance. EPIC EPIC EPIC.

Take it as a Compliment: This is a graphic novel depicting the real-life experiences of women and men with sexual harassment, DV, and public sexual harassment to name a few. Maria Stoian did the artwork. Pretty much everyone needs to read this, IMO.

What strikes your fancy this week? 

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