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I found an analysis of why we’re NEVER GOING TO GET A BLACK WIDOW MOVIE EVERRRR — okay, the caps are indicative of my frustration and not the well-thought out and articulate reasons why in the article. Dammit. There is also a wonderful, ongoing list/s of recs of female crime writers from different countries! A short and sweet list of writing tips — it’s for competition that is ending soon but the advice is solid. A very dense — my eyes hurt reading this thing — roundtable discussion on diversity in publishing from various editors in the US, and a report about where YA is going — heightened contemporary is now a new genre — from a Women in Media luncheon. I liked this one, especially as it addresses what publishing is looking for in the genre.

Is this why we’re not getting a Black Widow movie?: I’ve just finished reading Black Widow: Forever Red  in an effort to get over my disappointment that there’s no Black Widow movie on the horizon. This article articulates further problems with a Black Widow movie for a complicated character who doesn’t have any familiar superhero Cap, Superman powers a la Carol Danvers. Widow, the author says, is more a backstory, more suited for a medium that can do her justice. BUT, given a trilogy of movies isn’t her story — Russian past and all — worth it? UGH. I’m depressed now.

Oh hello, Queens of Crime: from Argentina and then Norway! A list of female authors that have been translated into English and if you need a break from the authors you generally read, READ THIS.

Writing tips: short and sweet tips that discuss conflict, reading, revision, the 5 Ws and being brave. ’nuff said.

An illuminating roundtable with editors in the US about diversity in publishing: This is a roundtable with editors in the US discussing diversity.

Heightened contemporary is where YA is heading: This is a report of a luncheon, comprised of women across different media. Of interest here is where YA is heading — towards heightened contemporary — ie true stories with a twist that are slightly grotesque. Um, anyone have a rec of this genre? The question of adult YA readers was also discussed, which is something that will be coming up on on #LoveOzLit project as well.

So, heightened contemporary — have you read anything that qualifies? What do you think of the essay regarding the lack of a Black Widow movie? Or the diversity in publishing roundtable? I am looking forward to the next list of recs in the Queens of Translation series, and those writing tips — which one do you like?

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