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The book recommendations this week are a weird bunch, I think, but I also am not minding that too much. I mean, I found a historical urban fantasy that has the words “Jane Austen” and “Xmen” in its blurb (!!). How amazing does that sound?! There’s also a curious book about a cop who fosters a telepathic boy, and there’s got to be more behind the blurb other than the cop protecting him and his secret. There’s also a book dedicated to how much we love our dogs. Altogether now: awwwwwwwwwwww. I also found a new title by one of my longtime Hollywood crushes and it’s got an Adventures of Tintin (!!!) feel about it.  And, last there’s the American debut by an award-winning New Zealand crime author, which I want to get my hands on ASAP!

American Blood: This is the US debut novel of a best-selling New Zealand author called Ben Sanders. It’s already been optioned into a movie too! (with Bradley Cooper attached!) He has 3 bestselling novels in NZ and I am so curious about this. SO curious!

Beloved Dog: My mutts drive me crazy but they’re family. And I couldn’t not include an ode to our furry friends and devoted entirely to why they’re so fabulous and bring out the best in us. And that COVER. Say it with me: AW.

The Explorer’s Guild: Kevin Costner co-wrote a book. It’s busy in Hollywood publishing industry isn’t it? But, complete with illustrations it’s an adventure series, that’s in the style of the Adventures of Tintin, which right there has me hooked. Also, since it’s about a clandestine group of adventurers who search for myths and secrets I’m ALL OVER THIS.

These Vicious Masks: Jane Austen and X-Men. Bet you never thought you’d ever see those together! Set in Victorian London, where Evelyn is trying to find her missing sister. She is accompanied by a “dashing” (aren’t they always in Victorian England?) they meet Sebastian Braddock, who is searching for Evelyn’s sister as well, and informs her that she and her sister have healing powers. Yup. X-Men.

Two if By Sea: This was recced over at Breaking the Spine, where one of my fave memes take place. This one is by Jacquelyn Mitchard. Frank Mercy is a cop who loses his family in a tsunami in Brisbane, and hours later, he rescues a boy from a sinking car. He decides to keep Ian, and soon after starts a new life with him. That’s when he discovers that Ian is telepathic… and he doesn’t think he’ll be able to keep that secret from getting out.

Which one is your favourite this week? Beloved Dog is completely adorable, right? Two if By Sea is driving me crazy with curiousity because there has to be something else there, I think. These Vicious Masks makes my inner fangirl gleeful, and American Blood is an awesome beginning to a US career for Ben Sanders. And last, The Explorer’s Guild is all sorts of cool.


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