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This week, along with some very interesting book news, there are little bits of tech stuff thrown in that I found handy as a blogger, Twitter and instagram user. And we could all use those, right? And, last, a powerful essay from Karin Slaughter on what it means when she keeps getting asked why she writes such dark stories.

First: SEO still matters. I’m still getting my head around it, so I was surprised to learn there were already rumours of its demise, lol. I love this site — it’s always filled with interesting titbits and I can understand what they’re saying — which when it comes to tech that matters.

Author Karin Slaughter on why it’s such utter bullshit that female crime writers keep getting asked why they write darker, crime material while male writers are gritty: OMG, this is brilliant. BRILLIANT. The sexism that female authors go through makes me go UGH. The most powerful statement at the end though gave me pause: women write these dark, terrifying things because we are afraid of living through these crimes.

Gary Oldman is writing a novel about vampire cowboys: Yes, Dracula is writing about the undead. About a man “fleeing a curse in a town that the gold rush left behind” — what does that mean though? I don’t know, but the wait is going to be crazy long yes?

Photography tips for Instagram! By photographers who use an iPhone: With handy little bits and pieces about how they do the magic that they do. Srsly. These are done on an iphone. Wow. I need so much more practice.

Last, Twitter did this thing. Their tweet grid embeddable display option: Basically, it embeds a selection of tweets in a grid on the side of your blog. It’s easy enough to do, but in all honesty, why would you do it? Has anyone tried it?

I suck at photos at Instagram, so any and all hints help — do you have any that wasn’t in the article above? What do you think of Gary Oldman’s new book? And the Twitter grid certainly does look pretty, but the effort to put it in and then update every so often… seems like it’s more trouble than it’s worth? Karin Slaughter’s essay was WONDERFUL. Internally I kept going YES. YES. And, SEO. Sighs. Some days I think I will never get the hang of it — does anyone have any tips on that?


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