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It’s 1 November! Wait, it’s also Halloween right? Horror still scares me no end, but I wonder if I’d be open to it more if I grew up with Halloween? Hm, food for thought I guess lol! I don’t have horror on the book recommendations list today unfortunately! Instead I have a book from an acclaimed YA author who is transitioning, and a picture book about a transgender teddy bear by an Australian author! There’s another children’s book about PARIS, which is utterly charming and a book by Indonesia’s most prominent female journalist about families and friends set in the years between 1965 and 1998 during Suharto’s rise to power and fall.

Paris Up, Up and Away: What does the Eiffel Tower do when it’s bored? It flies away of course because Paris is a city filled with things to do and see! I fell in love with this the minute I saw the cover — I also have a new niece/second cousin/still figuring it out so I have picture books on the brain!

This Book is Gay: James Dawson is the author of books like All of the Above and Love Hurts and Spot the Difference, an upcoming title chosen for World Book Day 2016. This Book is Gay is non-fiction and is a blunt, uncensored look at what it is to grow up LGBTQ. It’s everything you want to know. Dawson is currently transitioning to female and speaks of how wonderful the book world has been in supporting him here.

Home by Leila S. Chudori: Former president Suharto was a corrupt, a dictator and ruled Indonesia for 31 years. This is a story about political exiles, of a generation who could not return home after Suharto came to power, and a generation that did when his regime ended. Chudori spent 6 years researching the story and speaking to political exiles before writing this. Read how and why she had to write this story.

The Widow: When we see men accused of murder on the news, and they’re walking along with their wives, don’t you wonder if the women knew what their husbands did? That’s exactly what this is about — what did the widow of a man accused of killing a toddler know? When he dies, what secrets come out? It has your requisite “Just like Girl on the Train and Gone Girl” recommendations which are still driving me crazy, and I am trying very hard to ignore them. Also, coming to a TV screen near you soon. BBC I hope!

Introducing Teddy: is a story borne out of a daughter’s desire for her kids to understand their grandfather, who is transitioning, better. Jessica, the author, is lesbian and was looking for books to reflect her family for her kids, and there just aren’t any. So she wrote one about Thomas the teddy who wants to be Tilly. This is a story about acceptance and being yourself and being a good friend aimed an an audience that isn’t really thought of, I think. This is the kickstarter that funded the project and this is an interview with Jessica and her family.

The Widow sounds delicious, and Paris Up, Up and Away sounds like so much fun! What did you think of Home? Or This Book is Gay and Introducing Teddy? I am so thrilled it reached it’s funding goal! And now Bloomsbury will be publishing it! 

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