Time & Scheduling Blogs: how do you do it?

Every time I think I have a handle — a balance — of blogging and everything else it turns out I clearly haven’t. I’ve been trying to figure out why: some of it is work and just being tired, especially on deadline day.

I’ve read over and over that scheduling, lists and planning is key and I swear, there are times when doing that works like a charm and everything goes up perfectly online.

There’s batching too — doing the artwork and designs, and calendar scheduling for instance all at once.

Weirdly, I’ve gone old-school — I’m writing things down in a notebook — one that has my ideas and to-do lists altogether so it’s kind of like the chaos is all in one. I did try having numerous apps for keeping these sorts of ideas, but I haven’t clicked with any just yet.

Also, I have a thing for a lovely notebook and pen. Heh.

And then, there’s me. The easily distracted writer who can look at everything else but all the articles I collect and have sparked ideas that I haven’t put posts together for. Part of me wonders if it’s fear: the fear of everything Emma Viskic talks about — which, in no way can I be compared to an author of her calibre — like the fear of being wrong, of being howled down. It’s a powerful demotivator, right?

How do you get over it? How do you deal with something like that? Does scheduling blogs work for you? Or do you have a better way of blogging?

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