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In this week’s selection of publishing news, I found one that has a selection of ghost stories to get your Halloween mojo on — apparently, ghost stories are back! If you’ve been on the fence about reading Carry On, then read the article I found about the author — it’s going to make you want to read the book! Ever wondered how medical mysteries come together? An author and MD tells you how and, finally: Is Twitter a publishing company?

Is Twitter a publishing company?: It’s certainly a valid question given the authors who have written books on Twitter. At a global publishing summit in Germany, the MD of Springer Fachmedien, Niels Peter Thomas, MD, thinks that the definition of a publisher is changing, and that it’s moving towards a more open access model of publishing. I like this — it doesn’t mean the end of the traditional book, but given technological advances and people’s changing habits, things  are bound to change in publishing. Don’t gird your loins yet — traditional books are here to stay.

A conversation with Rainbow Rowell: I’ve seen book bloggers go from looking forward to Carry On, to now reviewing it and loving this book! This is an article about her in conversation with Lev Grossman in the US and she’s so lovely. This is going to make you want to read this book. Now.

Real fantastical women: This is a review of sorts of Of Sorrow and Such by Angela Slatter, which is the story of Mistress Gideon, who is a witch, and is captured and put on trial for witchcraft.  What the author focuses on it the relationship between the female characters of the book: Patience and Gilly who are mother and daughter. What struck me about this review is that these characters are described as seeing each other, the good and the bad and stick with one another. It seems like such a simple concept doesn’t it? Which books provide the real relationships you can relate to like this?

How being a neurologist helped me become a writer: Having just watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, I feel that this is apt! Sandra Block is the author of Little Black Lies and The Girl without a Name AND, she’s an MD. In this article she described how both professions lend themselves to each other and it gets me excited reading about things the other way ie, seeing how writers build the clues in their mysteries.

The Ghost Story is back!: Isn’t it? Vampires and and their fellow supernatural creatures have been far more present than ghosts in recent years — which yeah, I agree with this (I don’t like ghost stories, but I agree with this). So in honour of Halloween and ghost stories, here’s an article filled with book recommendations as well as marvelous insight into why ghost stories are back!

So, who has got their Halloween on? What ghost stories are on your radar? I do think that publishing is going to change again, but I don’t think it’s going to herald the end of the book — though I do expect such cries to come forth during the next change in publishing. The review Of Sorrow and Such did get me thinking about the female characters in the books I’ve read recently — especially genre books. The article by Sandra Block was interesting from the author’s POV on how mysteries come together. Finally, Rainbow Rowell is lovely! 


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