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This week’s #5Books article recommendations brings some insight into what an interracial writer experiences, and notes straight from an editor on how to get noticed. There’s an editorial on why readers — YA readers in particular, and by this I mean kids/teens — need provocative authors and books, which should not be banned. There’s a picture book that reached its fundraising goal to publish a book about a lesbian couple that is getting married. It hopes to make it into Australian schools eventually. And there’s an interview with the author behind a Jane Eyre retelling!

Why we need provocative YA more than ever: On the heels of Banned Book week — or maybe before — come two stories of banned books in 2015. Yup. The author of this editorial dissects the books in question which I’ve recced in my #5Books articles lists (Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers and Into the River by Ted Dawe)  and points out, among other things, safe sanitised classics written in 1940-something have no relevance to teenagers in this day and age. I’d be surprised if they have relevance to most adults. One of the objections to these books was the depiction of sexual assault, with the holier-than-thou complainers forgetting that sexual assault does happen and the authors were taking a stand against it. Kids today are different — they have information at their fingertips and policing how they read isn’t going to stop them from finding out about rape, drugs and sex anywhere else. What books provide is a safe for them to learn about these things.

Mummy and Mumma Get Married: Inspired by the historic vote in Ireland and the lack of anything like that on the horizon for Australia, this little gem is exactly what it says on the tin: a lesbian couple get married, with their kid Phoebe planning the wedding. And inviting the Prime Minister. The book has passed its funding goals –– YAY — but you can still donate if you want. AND, there a planned teacher’s notes and the like that go with the book. This is the first of its kind in Australia.


Lyndsay Faye is writing a Jane Eyre retelling: And this interview is a most intriguing look at what’s behind the cover and what inspired the retelling. Not much of a fan of Charlotte Bronte or anything to do with the Bronte sisters, but I am curious about this one. Faye is known for her crime writing, not to mention her love for Sherlock Holmes.

I love the She Writes site: LOVE. The information they give, and the wealth of posts from people who have published or are editors is always informative and always makes me think. Here are two of my favourites:

How to catch an editor’s when you’re submitting a pitch: this is a list of what should be common sense things when submitting a pitch, but in actuality aren’t. These are tailored to writers submitting to blogs, but some can apply to a writer — for instance, tailoring your pitch to specific publishing houses.

And, this is from author LaTeisha Newton on being an interracial writer and the problems she faces. It’s an illuminating read for sure.

So, these are the literary articles and news that grabbed my interest this week. What do you think? Are you looking forward to the Jane Eyre retelling? Or do you have an stories about submitting pitches to editors that went wrong? Or stories about being an interracial author? I’m so proud to see that Mummy and Mumma reached its fundraising goal! And I hope to see it in schools soon. And last, I loved the editorial on why readers need YA that makes them think — this is a new generation of readers and people need to understand that.

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