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I am so excited to have the mother of all diverse YA book lists to rec for you this week. Go read it you’ll see what I mean. There are some writing tips about important scenes in your book, and characters — whether they’re major or minor — that reads should care about. There’s a lovely site that gives you geographical book recs, and a compelling list of writers around the world talking and writing about their literary communities. It’s good stuff!

Another glorious list of diverse YA books: This is a list of titles featuring Indian, American British, African, Muslim, gay, lesbian characters and more by authors around the world. I read and kept reading each recommendation marvelling that all this goodness exists and I wouldn’t have found them if I hadn’t read this list.

Scenes should earn their way into your book: Some thoughtful advice on how to write scenes: they should have purpose and drive the plot forward and not just be there for no reason.

If you’re going on a trip and looking for something to read about your destination? Then you definitely need this site! : Really that link pretty much says it all. Geographical book recs.

The Writing Life around the World series: This is just the most amazing series. Electric Lit has asked authors from places like Bangladesh, Ukraine, Guatemala and China (thus far) about their writing and their literary communities. I just finished reading author Can Xue’s thoughts on writing in China and it’s mesmerising. Go read. Learn.

Why your reader should care about your fictional characters: Clare Scobie is an award-winning author based in Sydney, where she also teaches writing. Here, she discusses why readers should care about ALL your fictional characters — even the minor ones — and how you can make readers care about your characters — to me, number 2, showing your characters’ flaws is most important. Your characters should be flawed and they should be held accountable for those flaws. Too many times it’s easy to forget that part.

Which one is your favourite of the list? Are there any you disagree with? What book recs will you read next?

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