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For this week’s book recs I found homophobia in the Star Wars world. Sighs. There’s a pair of beautiful covers that got me hooked, and a what I hope is a tale about a schizophrenia from the POV of a person suffering from it. And there’s Sugar — and she’s more than just the fat girl, and there’s the crime thriller that will hopefully be more than your run of mill thriller.

Made you up by Francesca Zappia: I found this rec over at Pinker than Fiction reviews. It’s an exploration of schizophrenia, and it leaves readers wondering what’s real and what’s not as it’s told from the POV of Alex who is schizophrenic. Baggins pointed out in her review that as terrifying as Alex’s illness is, the book still manages to leave you grinning. That is a fine line don’t you think?

Sugar by Deidre Hall: This review was over at My Soul Called Life. Sugar is the fat girl, the girl that is ridiculed at school. But, there’s more to her story than over-eating, and this is what this book is about: Sugar has to decide whether she is her eating disorder or she’s more.

The Singular and Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath (book 1) and The Contrary Tale of the Butterfly Girl (book 2): I found book 2 over at Dual Reads and I have to admit it was the cover that got me hooked. The ornate front, and the man with the swords and the summary is completely off the charts quirky and crazy enough to get me hooked. In fact, what’s the craziest blurb you’ve ever seen in a book and then read?

Black-eyed Susans: This was reviewed over at Nashville Bookworm , which got me to look up the Goodreads listing for it… and I like. Tessa is a the only survivor of a killer and 20 years later, on the cusp of a man being put to death for the crimes on Tessa’s word, something shakes her faith, makes her doubt herself and her memories. It promises to mess with my mind I think and I am all aboard for that.

Star Wars: Aftermath: This is Chuck Wendig’s contribution to the Star Wars universe and unfortunately, it’s now famous for the homophobic backlash he’s been getting for including gay characters in the book. Sighs. Let’s Get Beyond Tolerance pointed this out, and she in turn got the heads up from My Bookish Life which has a more detailed version of what’s going on. Go read.

What do you think of the reviews Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath is getting? Or Sugar and Made you up? Have you read Black-eyed Susan? And what’s the craziest blurb that got you interested in a book?

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