#5Books to read 20/9

This week, I found a banned book in South Carolina that a librarian is still giving out to kids because of the powerful nature of its message. There’s a wonderful list on Let’s Get Beyond Tolerance with YA novels with same-sex parents. And then there’s a novel based on Steubenville — which is a difficult topic, but its a story that needs to be told. I also found a female PI series based in ancient Rome. And, finally, another Bennet girl is getting her time to shine and it’s not Pride and Prejudice‘s Jane.

Some Girls Are: Apparently this was recently banned in a South Carolina high school, though a librarian is determined to see kids actually read this and is giving out novels to kids for free after they were donated. It’s the story of Regina, a Queen B who is assaulted by her best friend’s boyfriend. Her (former) friends and popular clique turn on her and bully her for reporting the assault. It’s a coming-of-age story for Regina, but it’s a testament to the writer that the reviews are commending her for not having easy fixes in the novel. A definite must.

A list of YA novels with same sex parents: When I saw this list I went oh. Why haven’t I seen something like this before? Because it’s so right, and it’s so much a part of life. Go forth and find yourself one you’ll like!

What we sawThis is a debut novel from Aaron Hartzler based on the events of Steubenville. Like Some Girls Are, above, it’s about what happens when someone speaks up and when they stay silent. And of course, social media plays such a big part in this.

The Ides of April (A Flavia Abia mystery #1): A female PI in Rome. Ancient Rome. Lindsey Davis wrote this and Heather over at Based on A true Story did a list of reviews she keeps meaning to do, which contained the third book (which admittedly she didn’t like, though she likes the series. I can live with a rec like that!

So Lydia Bennet is getting her time to shine, so to speak:  Yes, that Lydia from Pride and Prejudice. Author Natasha Farrant is writing Lydia, the Bad Bennet Girl to be released next year. Considering how much she annoyed me in Austen’s novel, I imagine Farrant has her work cut out for her? I suppose there could be a story to be told there, perhaps I’m just too used to Jane Austen’s Lydia?

What do you expect from a story based on Lydia? I’m not sure yet. I’m intrigued by the Flavia Abia series, too, as I am by the list over on Let’s Get Beyond Tolerance. What We Saw and Some Girls Are promise to be tough reading, but these are stories that need to be told given how things currently are. 

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