#5Books to read 13/09

Book recommendations

I found a new Sherlock Holmes this week, with a Holmes that’s frustrated, bored and in need of a challenge. He also happens to be addicted to cocaine at the moment. Ethan Hawke is a writer — working on his third novel. I am still surprised by that! There’s the most adorable kid’s book about a girl on her first day of school — but she was born with one arm. And there’s an intense historical crime novel — that reminds me of CSI. It really does. I probably watch too much procedural TV, I think. Last… you know, even witches need some witness protection! Coupled with some humor, this one sounds brilliant!

Art in the Blood: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure: A frustrated and cocaine addicted Holmes and Watson travel to Paris to investigate the disappearance of a cabaret star’s son. Naturally, there’s an awesome villian and the question of whether Holmes will recover in time to solve the crime.

Ethan Hawke is a writer — I did not know that. This isn’t even his debut, but his third novel and is about a chivalrous knight. Huh.

Little Miss Jessica Goes to School: Is the story of Little Miss Jessica who has one arm on her first day of school. It’s written by Jessica (a motivational speaker and soon-to-be mum), who was born without her left arm. It’s aimed at 5yos, and she says it’s her attempt to make sure kids that age see diverse characters, and that includes those like Little Miss Jessica.

Madness so discreet: everyone thinks Grace is mad, and it lands her in an insane asylum…but a visiting doctor finds her and offers her a life as his assistant investigating crimes. This is a historical novel, with a killer cover at the link, and a Criminal Minds, profiling vibe.

Witches Protection Program: from the sounds of it a little bit of tongue-in-cheek humour, coupled with a mystery and witches! LOL, read the blurb, it’s worth it just for the title alone!

What did you find this week? Do any of these strike your fancy?

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