#5Books to read 6/09

Book recommendations

Some diverse comics, a psychological tale of twins who switch identities, a 1960s homemaker with a secret identity and a new one from Richelle Meade!

Beside Myself by Ann Morgan: Oh my goodness, this one is going to be good! Identical twins switch identities and then one doesn’t want to switch back. 25 years later, something causes the sisters to be pulled back into each other’s orbits. It sounds amazing, AMAZING.

Lady Killer by Joelle Jones: A comedy series about Josie Schuller is a 1960s homemaker and a killer for hire. Mrs Smith in the 1960s? I’m so there!

Two comics have caught my eye this week:

Raising Dion: this comic focuses on Nicole, an African-American mother raising Dion, a kid with superpowers. Imagine Tony Stark from Jarvis’ POV. Or, Superman from Martha Kent’s POV. The author of the comic, Dennis Liu, has the first book up on his site for free. He says his aim was to subvert tropes — parents usually die in superhero comics, and in his next comics, he wants to introduce an Asian-American girl who can throw footballs, and a Latino boy who can play Bach in an attempt to subvert cultural stereotypes.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Marvel is releasing this one. Lunella is a genius, and I don’t think she has superpowers, or anything like that, but that her genius isolates her from her peers, perhaps. The aim, like Liu’s comic, is diversity.

Soundless by Richelle Mead: I can appreciate this one because it’s based in Chinese folklore with a strong female main character. The blurb is intriguing and confusing at the same time, lol, but it definitely has my attention.

What did you think of these? I’m particularly looking forward to the comics — what comics have embraced diversity that you know of?

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