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I have some lovely, clear articles on writing and editing this week: one on mistakes by first-time authors and more importantly, a clear breakdown of what editorial services people like moi offer, and how a particular author works — this one’s very vague but also very good. There’s also a rundown of how publishers are using tech, and Book Depository co-founder is starting a new bookselling website… but it’s not what you think.

Six common mistakes by first-time authors, and how to fix them : Can I get a hell yes to this! In my experience, it’s the head-hopping and showing rather than telking that’s often the problem. Its the easiest to slip into doing, I feel, which is why i’ve seen it so often I think.

Editorial services broken down: look, I’m an editor and I still get tongue-tied explaining all this to clients because too often it’s done via email and there’s just so much to explain, and I want to cover everything… and really, if you’re an author is there anything more intimidating than an incredibly long, detailed email when really, all you wanted to do was get your book edited? Yes, editors sometimes have issues with words. But Brooke Warner, the publisher on She Writes explains assessments, developmental edits, copy edits and proofreading by cutting through the BS.

Some cool ways publishers are using tech: Well before I found out about Ian Pears (mentioned last week), I’ve been fascinated by how publishers are using tech — from how they now design their covers on. This article though mentions a video-game meets story, where the reader chooses a direction for the story. It’s on Storynexus, which is a very cool site where you can participate in different worlds. There’s another mention of Ian Pears and Arcadia, and The Pry Novella which also uses an app to help you explore the inner thoughts of James, a veteran of the first Gulf War and demolition expert — good yes?

Kate Morton, author of The Lake House on structure: This is an interesting interview with the author Kate Morton about she structured her story The Lake House — which is a story set in the past and present. This is frustrating for as much as it does tell you things, it’s also vague — especially as her novels are described as a “Chinese-box construction”. Has anyone read her work?

Book Depository co-founder is starting a new global bookselling site called www.ibiid.com: What interests me about this news is that its focus at first will be on Middle East and African authors and titles. It will be selling titles in foreign languages, aiming to bring titles to people who now live elsewhere in the world. What I hope it might eventually include is translations of popular titles, because when I read this, I can’t help thinking about what potential it has to spread diverse authors and titles across the world, you know?

What do you think? What news has piqued your interest?

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