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SO, this week has been pretty good or not for my TBR list. Still haven’t figured out which yet lol

Sorcerer to the Crown: is a promising mix of magic and the British elite from writer Zen Cho. On her site, she says her ideal book would Anne of Green Gables set in Asia with dragons. That kind of tipped me over the edge to wanting this NOW.

Oh my, George. This little gem is about George who really WANTS to play Charlotte in her school play. But she can’t play the lead because everyone sees a boy when they look at her. Only George knows she’s a girl.

Is it just me or has historical paranormal/supernatural stories taken off? This one is The Last Necromancer from CJ Archer, and it has a killer cover and summary.

Disney retellings like THIS I am all over. What if one key moment in a Disney tale was different? That sounds promising, right?

My Name is N: I actually saw this book on the shelves at Kinokuniya Sydney this past week when I was there for a book launch and took a photo of it and others that I wanted to buy eventually (that’s how I make lists in RL — I take photos). It’s got a killer blurb — and yes, its a Nordic mystery not set everywhere else in the world, lol. 

Then I found this article, written by the author, about the Amazon reviews he’s been getting — from male readers wanting a warning that his hero was bisexual. It did make me wonder if they read the blurb for the book that said — see above — that the hero is in a relationship with a man. Did the US get a different blurb? But that’s beside the point though — why are people so afraid of a bisexual hero? Or rather, why do they need warning? It’s not like it’s going to change the hero’s actions is it? Head meet desk.

And finally, I’m going to cheat and add one more book this week: In the Skin of a Monster — which is an amazing book by debut Australian author Kathryn Barker. It tells the story of Alice, an identical twin whose sister killed seven kids at her school. And Alice is left wearing the face of a killer in a small town. Heavy stuff. Then Kathryn puts her in a dream world where she’s forced to face the consequences of her sister’s act.

What did you find this week??

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