Orphan Black s3ep4: Newer elements of our defense

So Mark is alive, much like a cockroach that will never die, but I bitterly resent the need to end last week’s episode with such a cliffhanger, only to undermine it completely with having him survive this episode. I also wanted Sarah to punch Cult!mother Bonnie in the face, but I can’t get nice things from the shows I watch.

Anyhoo, Mark survives and so begins a bonding session and interrogation over Johansson’s secrets, that Mark wants in order to escape the army, and the bullet wound in his thigh. Yes, Sarah helps him escape, somehow, and Cult!Mother loses creepy points for not being better in making sure people are dead, or her minions move faster in order to make sure said people don’t run away.

Gracie meanwhile is deposited in the heart of the cult, contemplating her life choices, but before anything else happens she loses the baby. Cult!Mother reveals how seriously she wanted that child – she herself couldn’t carry her own child to term – the child, with Castor DNA, that JOhannson imprgenanted her with.

And Sarah, after patching Mark up and getting the info she needs from him, recognises that even papers could be important goes back to get the box Gracie hid under their hotel bed. Best hiding place ever! Clearly under hotel beds never get cleaned. But Mark has a spine and some life left in him and comes to get her to take her to the Johannsons’ son that’s passed. Cue gravedigging and Rudy finding them.

Now, he’s like a cockroach. Sarah on the other hand runs away leaving the little coffin and the DNA she’s risked so much for with Rudy. I’m surprised at how often she keeps running away this season – she was a more than capable fighter in season one I think? Well, street fighter – am I misremembering?

Ari Millen is most impressive when he plays Mark, mostly because Rudy the psycho is the only other Castor we know and he’s just well, psycho. Mark proceeds to try and convince Rudy that he’s returned to the fold of the army and their Castor brigade, but he hasn’t. Well, they used a cliffhanger and made it seem like he’s willing to kill Sarah, but really.

In other parts of the show, Cosima is still pining and being the go-to person for science translation. Eh on the one hand and on the other, Felix is her cheering-up squad, so anything that brings him back to the screen is brilliant. I am beginning to suspect that whereas last season was him spending all this time with Alison, this season we’re going to have a Cosima/Felix friendship forming.

Justin chatwinSpeaking of Alison, our favourite neighbourhood drug dealer and soccer mom, she discovers that her teen dealer who was going off to college wasn’t so much thinking of higher education when he sold her his business, but more running away before the drug dealers he screwed over came looking for him – or Alison and Donnie as the case may be. And then, Alsion discovers that the drug lord she has to meet and explain how she ended up with $30K of his supply is her ex. That she dumped in high school.

While Alison and Cosima’s storylines help with deepening their characters, I’m surprised at the disconnect between them and Sarah and Helena. I miss the three or four of them working together, dammit. Three episodes is a long time in a 10 episode season.

Helena and her scorpion – who seems to be her conscience? Her “real” (for lack of a better word, because the Helena we see is real too) self? I don’t know, but that inner voice of hers continues to make sense and encourage Helena to do things – like escape. But, when she finds a Castor clone cruelly being experimented on, she kills him and is recaptured. It’s a sad moment in the show, for Helena as well, because it’s not a stretch to believe she’s gone through things like that herself in her past – well, versions of things, as if she had her skull cut open and her brain exposed like he did, she’d be dead.

Next week Paul. Ugh. Boring.

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