Orphan Black season 3 ep 2: The gang’s all here!

Or rather, The Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis. I like my title better.

Spoilers abound!

In this episode, we take a slight detour from the search for Helena while the clones’ storylines for the rest of the season are set up, along with introducing us further to the various Castor clones. Not much happens, I guess, but what does is good.

Thus far the Castor clones are all vicious and homicidal, and that’s about it. We haven’t yet met one that isn’t, and though we are re-introduced to Mark (from last season’s storyline about the cult), I don’t really believe he’s the sterling example of humanity compared to his brother clones. The Castors are in a no-win situation though because while the Leda clones are getting sick, the Castors are glitching. Going crazy. And like the Ledas they are searching for a cure and original tissue samples – and I’m guessing, there can only be one winner in this regard.

Cosima and Scott don’t do much but get back to Dyad and discover from Mason Eckhart – look, yes, I watched Mutant X – or rather Dr Nealon, the replacement Leekie, that the original tissue samples for the clones have been destroyed. Hands up who believes him? Yeah, me either.

Meanwhile, Alison is a queen, and would rule the world if she could. I often wonder what the show would be like if she was the clone around which the story revolves – epic I think. She and Donnie – well she has and Donnie agreed – have decided that to solve their current money problems and ensure she wins an election to avoid their neighbourhood getting rezoned, and her kids getting kicked out of school – they’re going to buy her drug dealer’s client list and product. And I have no doubt, she’ll pull it off in spectacular fashion.

Sarah is playing at happy families with Cal and Kira, and it’s cute and nice, but she still looks like she’s slightly uncomfortable with Cal and being a family with him. Or maybe, it’s because she’s wants that with him that she looks so cautious. I don’t think she’s made up her mind yet, and when Paul appears at the house Cal bought for them, we’re reminded of Cal’s weapons-creating past. Honestly, I thought of him as a hippie Tony Stark at that point – it’s the hair. He’s perfected the art of looking uncomplicated next to all the complications in Sarah’s life, which is quite a feat.

Paul, Paul, Paul: how I wish you weren’t in the show, because your character is everything to everyone, and you apparently still want to take care of Sarah. I can’t imagine how he thought she would abandon Helena or any of her sisters and take off with Kira. She’s not Rachel, but that’s what he thought.

Another question, how did he know where Cal lives? Surely, a man who was off the grid last season wouldn’t buy his new house with his real name right? But I guess , the army knows everything about everyone?

We are introduced to Rudy, about the nastiest of the Castor clones and he isn’t even glitching. But in the grand tradition of the army knowing everything, he goes to Felix’s apartment to confront Sarah and demand she give him the original tissue samples to save Seth, and the other clones. Yeah, that’s not happening because Ethan took that secret to the grave and Sarah can’t give him what he wants.  A bit miffed, he takes Kira hostage, until he releases her to go kill his fellow clone, Seth, who has glitched beyond the point of no return.

What did I say about ruthless? Complete opposite to Sarah (this season anyway). She finally, finally sends Kira away with Cal while she remains to take find Helena. I’ve waited two seasons for that to happen, but am sad we don’t get more Cal to counteract Paul.

And Helena and “Mother” – really, the Castors have the most un-motherly Mother (think their Mrs S) and she begins to start working to convince Helena that she’s all Helena has – that Sarah gave her up. Helena knows better, I hope, but after the couple of seasons she’s had, why wouldn’t she believe the one person who’s showing her kindness (despite the torture part). The jarring disconnect between the show ignoring Helena last season and the focus on Helena this season hasn’t settled yet.

In other news, Felix and Art are back, with Felix playing den mother, making sure everyone has their phones and trying to help Mrs S reconcile with Sarah, and Art letting Sarah in on Rudy and Seth’s existence. Which was unnecessary because Rudy came looking for her anyway.

And just when you think the cast can’t get any bigger, there’s Mark and Gracie, who make their return this episode, when Mark burns off the Castor tattoo on his arm with Gracie sleeping in the next room. I would have preferred more Felix or Art instead of more clones — the cast is great, but it’s so big, that someone’s going to get the short straw — not Felix, please not Felix, because he and Alison were perfect together last season!

All in all, a solid episode setting up the rest of the season I think.



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