Orphan Black, s3 ep 1: Wherein the show remembers Helena

Clone club is back in session and as thrilling as ever.

To be fair, it’s possible I need a rewatch of last season, but I’m too excited about this season to do that.

Helena is the centre of this episode, even though she’s barely onscreen. I ended last season wishing desperately for some happiness and relief for her, but after being traded off by Ms S to the Army for Sarah, that’s not going to happen. The show makes it clear that deep down, all Helena wants is to be with her sisters. Given that her sisters couldn’t be bothered with what happened with her when she disappeared last season until this season, I can’t say that dream will ever happen for her.

Alright, yes sidelining Helena last season made sense for that narrative, but that doesn’t make the sudden concern for her any less jarring. Sarah has always been afraid and more than a little wary of her, so this switch is strange to see.

I will admit, it seems like Sarah will do anything to get Helena back, including pretending to be Rachel when a Dyad minion comes calling. Not to mention, so does Delphine – who looks positively Rachel-fied. When she later tortures the now one-eyed Rachel, we see just how much.

And in between all this, we are introduced quick fast to various Castor clones. Given how high the bar for clones has been set by Tatiana Maslany, I haven’t been impressed with Ari Millen – okay, all he seems to have played is crazy and vicious, so I reserve the right to change my mind later when the sane Castor clones arrive. If there are any.

I’m still confused as to how Delphine is playing double agent in Dyad. If she still needs to present a Rachel to Ferdinand, a cleaner (yes, he’s what you think he is), then Dyad isn’t completely safe for the clones. But Delphine has no problem not hiding her ruse from the guards and the other people in the institute – surely there must be some loyal minions to Dyad? What did I miss there?

This episode seemed to set up the Leda clones infiltrating Dyad and preventing them all from being killed on Rachel’s orders (from last season), as well as setting up a battle of the sexes for the rest of the season.


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