Ryan Reynolds has a case of Ben Kingsley

Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley are co-starring in a new sci-fi thriller called Selfless, in which a rich guy doesn’t want to die and needs a new body. So cue Matthew Goode and this process that transfers Kingsley’s character’s consciousness to Reynold’s body, not without side effects  he doesn’t mention until very much later from the looks of things — like the guy had a family who thinks he’s dead and his consciousness may want his body back. Bit of biggie when it comes to side effects!

Tarsem Singh is directing but it seems this was slated to be released in September 2014. Woops, that’s a bit of a delay. Is that a good thing or not?

Also, FYI no-one seems to know what to do with the name of the movie — I’ve seen Self/Less and Selfless, lol.


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