Book Trailers: do they make you buy books?

Book trailers are increasing in popularity and it seems like they’re a must for any marketing plan. Aided by the growing popularity of Youtube, I sometimes feel like everyone is using them, including publishing houses like Allen and Unwin.

I must admit, I don’t understand them and I have been trying to pin down why. Perhaps, it’s a matter of being too used to getting to know a book through reviews, or perhaps it’s more trying to reconcile a book with a audiovisual medium like a trailer.

I’m a work in progress in figuring out where my tastes lie, but I am equal parts puzzled by the notion that it’s utterly wrong to want to help your book sell by making a trailer. This article points out that some believe book shouldn’t be made so obviously commercial, when an author’s success is based on how many books they sell. It’s also puzzling because of the constant argument that ebooks are driving people away from buying traditional books, and isn’t that about selling?

Interestingly, I found this as well — a comic book trailer site. This one of the retelling of Robin Hood is quite cool.

I’m curious, what is the best book trailer you’ve seen? The one that made you go out and buy the book asap? Before I go to Sleep above definitely has me intrigued!

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