Terminator: Genisys: why is it getting such a bad rep?

Hollywood’s love for reboots is getting out of hand, but I can’t help but be intrigued by the new Terminator: Genisys trailer. Time travelling stories are ready made for reboots and resets and Terminator is no different. Arnie is about the only character in this trailer that’s familiar. 

But the changes are exciting, I think. Check it out: 

As iconic as Linda Hamilton’s portrayal of Sarah in T2 was, it was a welcome mind-blowing surprise to see Sarah be the one to save Kyle. In his day and age, with this franchise, Sarah would need an immense reboot to make her stand out from Hamilton’s portrayal. Kind of like killing Vulcan in the first movie of the rebooted Trek Franchise. I know that had I seen a Sarah as weak and needing saving as the Sarah of the first Terminator movie, this movie wouldn’t be nearly as interesting to me. 

So everything is reset. There’s a new John, and this is what is making me itching for spoilers right now — John meets Sarah and Kyle. And it’s not a happy reunion. 


*EXCLUSIVE* The cast of "Terminator: Genesis" film an intense scene


So. An alternate John Connor, who is perhaps not the saviour of the human race after all? I’m definitely hanging out to see this movie.

I could have done without the “We can stop Judgement Day” again though. 

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