Ms Marvel and fanfiction

I recently started reading the new Ms Marvel series with Kamala Khan as the titular Ms Marvel for two reasons : first, the Marvel movies – I finally decided to give comics a shot, and second, because Ms Marvel is a teen Pakistani American high school girl. I’m Indian, born in South Africa and living in Australia and she’s not anywhere close to who I am, but I’ll take what I can get.

I also never thought I’d like her so much.

She’s a total geek, fangirling the Avengers and Captain Marvel to the point that she writes fanfiction about them. Not the 50 Shades kind, but the kind where she gets to write about her heroes going out to save the world – her – fictional world.

The panel made me absolutely gleeful! Here is something acknowledging that fanfiction is more than just mummy porn – it’s people who want an outlet, who want to work their demons out and are choosing the characters that they love to do so.

I hate the rep fanfic has got recently becaue of 50 Shades because it’s so much more than that. Hopefully people realise that at some point.


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