Steve Clisby, Leave Me Dreaming: Music Review

Steve Clisby Leave Me Dreaming


There has been no more memorable contestant on our music reality TV shows than Steve Clisby, I think. I remember watching 2013’s episodes and being enraptured by Steve’s effortless cool and charm in the face of all things associated with The Voice. His career spans 60 years and several continents, and with the release of his new CD, he seems to have no desire to slow down.

In Leave Me Dreaming, Steve reinvents yours and his favourite songs into a pop record.  In this CD you’ll find songs like Coldplay’s Magic, and Emelie Sande’s Next to Me, and of course, Three Little Letters, the song used in his Commonwealth Bank ads, and ultimately the only reason I ever paid attention to those ads.

Steve’s voice is entrancing. His voice is filled with life, experience and wisdom, and it’s a beautiful thing to listen to – I much preferred to be in bar or club somewhere listening to him perform because his voice demands that you hear him live.

This CD is 40-something minutes of Steve giving your old favourites a new sound and it’s something worth getting lost in, even for a little while.

 Leave Me Dreaming is out now. 

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