Orphan Black review, season 2 episode 5: Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est


This week our clone focus is on Rachel and Helena in the aftermath of Daniel’s death last week, and the consequence thereof.

When Rachel first appeared, her entire expression wavering as she walked into her bloody apartment, I thought for a moment, just a moment that she might actually have felt something for Daniel – but who am I kidding. Despite the love shown in the tape between her and her parents seen last week, Rachel is controlled anger – she does not let her emotions get the better of her, despite the fact that she and Daniel were living together as if they were in a relationship. It becomes clear that she knew Daniel was her monitor when she promotes Paul to that position later in the episode. Also made clear later, is Rachel’s need for control above all else, right down to sleeping with Paul.

She also gladly takes revenge on Sarah on two fronts – she tasks Paul with framing Felix for a cop’s murder – the cop Daniel killed when he found Sarah two episodes ago with Cal, and she tasks Leekie with keeping research from Cosima that could help her get better.

But, she didn’t count on Leekie – I’m beginning to wonder if Leekie and Dyad are the least worst of the organisations after the clones. He seems to be focused on the science and is willing to forgo what Rachel wants for his own ends – finding the data lost in the LEDA fire years ago.

"Orphan Black" Ep205_D4_11-18 Photo: Jan Thijs 2013Helena is reunited with Sarah briefly, before Sarah sends her to Art for babysitting and to try and figure out what the Prolethans did to her. I’m beginning to grow fond of Helena, from the wild-eyed homicidal moments to the ones filled with humour and snark – and I promise you I never thought I’d be saying that. Helena and Art are a wonderous combination, and she lets him on her work with Maggie Chen, another casualty of season 1. Eventually, Helena escapes, in order to kill Rachel, but I think she would have returned to Art and Sarah eventually – she leaves enough clues for them to find her hiding place and holding a sniper rifle on Rachel and Paul.

It takes Sarah acknowledging Helena is her sister for Helena to put the gun down – it was an unexpectedly touching scene, and I wonder if Helena truly would put Sarah’s interests above her own – homicidal – needs. Seeing them walk off arm in arm, muttering snarkily at each other is weird and fun at the same time – Sarah need Helena, she needs Helena to do the things she can’t, and in this battle, Helena is just the type of ruthlessness she is lacking.

It’s also Helena that brings to light a very interesting plot point: Rachel’s dad is still alive. Art_Sarah_Orphan_Black_Season_2_Episode_5He faked his death years ago, and at the end of the episode the two of them go off to find him. Not clear whether they’re going to hold this information for Felix’s freedom or Cosima’s health just yet, but I have a feeling Cosima and Delphine will figure out a way to save her before long.

Elsewhere, Kira and Cal are bonding, and Kira proves herself by distracting a cop who was asking too many questions of Cal.

And, goodness: Henrik and the Prolethans can’t be counted out. His wife – I would imagine she’s about as ruthless as Helena can be given she sews Gracie’s mouth shut for not explaining how Helena escaped – that was a truly uncomfortable sight, and more than I expected from a TV show. But, they are still after Helena, and as an added incentive to Gracie that they find her – she’ll carry Helena’s baby if they don’t find Helena in time.

I’m looking forward to seeing Helena and Sarah truly interact – we’ve never seen them together without fighting with one another, killing one another or killing someone else. Helena, I think, prefers everyone think she’s crazy – it gives her the upper hand, but with Sarah things are different.



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