Grimm episode 18: Law of Sacrifice


Grimm has taken me through a range of emotions when it comes to Adalind Shae, but feeling sorry for her is a first in this episode. And also frustrated and relieved.

The Grimm Baby Saga continues and I hope to its merciful end in this episode, but it begs another question, I’ll save for the end of this review. When we left Grimm last, Adalind had made it to Renard’s place, with Nick and Kelly outside. Nick goes up to talk to the new parents and we see that there’s nothing Renard won’t do for his child – including pulling a gun on Nick should he come for the child. Understandable since he’s a parent, but not so much when you remember he’s the one that asked the Resistance to send someone to save Adalind and the baby. The Resistance sent Kelly, and she went to Nick, and now they’re there to protect the child and Adalind  – why is he pulling a gun on Nick again when this is what he organised in the first place? Yeah. This baby makes everyone lose IQ points as far as I can tell.

Long story short, time is wasted reiterating Nick and Kelly’s determination to protect the child, in spite of Adalind. Nick tells them they need to work together and leaves so they can decide on what they want to do. In the meantime – and here’s where timing gets wonky – Victor calls an FBI agent and asks him to find the child at the same time Nick is visiting Renard. In very, very short order, the FBI agent sends his minions to get the child and kill Renard and Adalind, but unlucky for them, Kelly and Nick are already there and capture the agent, before dispatching his minions. Their solution for now – naturally, take Adalind and the Diana (yes she’s finally named in this episode) to Rosalee and Monroe’s.

Well, I guess I should be glad he’s going there and we’re getting some Monroe. Nick, Kelly and Renard leave to confront the FBI agent, setting some plans of their own in motion and not telling Adalind about it. Later Kelly returns to protect her.

Victor in the meantime makes a very, VERY quick flight to Portland from Austria, where the FBI agent gives him the address of a warehouse as the location of the baby. Victor knows it’s a trap and confronts Renard in the station warning him that if he doesn’t give Diana over, Victor will kill his mother, Adalind and him. It’s enough of a threat to spook Renard.

And then things get weird – and Kelly is arrested for the murder of Adalind’s mother. Yeah, Adalind didn’t know that part, and is still quite shocked when Renard calls her and asks her to come down to the station to give a statement about her mother’s death. Adalind does ask about Nick and whether he’s angry about his mother’s arrest, but she’s more shocked than anything and worried about the safety of her child without Kelly. She leaves Diana with Renard and goes to give her statement, only Kelly is waiting for her in the interview room.

It’s then that the plan comes to startling clarity – Kelly tells her about sacrifice, about giving up Nick to keep him safe, and painful realisation dawns for Adalind that Renard is going to give Diana up to Viktor. This is all a plan to stall her. And Renard indeed does. Viktor takes the Diana to the airport; only, the Resistance finds them there and kidnaps the child from Viktor.

Dressed head to toe in black, with masks and gloves, and speaking German in a very Monroe-like voice. Actually, quite a good plan – as far as Victor and Adalind are aware now, the Resistance has Diana, but in reality, Kelly drives off into the sunset with her.

Claire Coffee has done so much during this season, giving Adalind a purpose through Diana and seeing her anguish at the loss of her child, you can only wonder at what would have been had she been allowed to keep the child, or go on the run with her. As it stands, it seems like she’s been set up to become a thorn in Nick and Renard’s side again.

Which is all very good and well, but here’s a question: what was the point of this storyline? Adalind isn’t keeping the child, and unless the child starts growing in leaps and bounds at some stage to return to be the Chosen One and play a major part in the show, there’s really no point to her. Adalind was always a grey character at best, so was a very long and mind-numbingly boring Chosen One storyline needed to make her hate Nick and Renard again? There’s no need for the Resistance to return to Portland – Victor is gone back to Austria and Kelly is just gone, no one knows where.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very easy episode to enjoy – the pacing is outstanding, the acting superb and I’m all for Kelly finding a house down the street and staying for good. She is more ruthless than everyone else combined, but that doesn’t make her wrong.  It’s edge of your seat goodness, but I just wish there was a clear point to this baby storyline rather than her going off into the sunset, to be brought up to be good by characters we will never see.

The episode feels like too much time was wasted on something that eventually had no bearing on the Grimm universe we’re watching.

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