IFTTT: making my social media life easy

These days, as a freelancer you have to have a relevant social media presence, not every social media platform out there, but the ones that matter. In my case, that means posting on (now) four Editing Everything pages: WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

As a result, I discovered the bane of my existence: widgets. Some are so easy to navigate and make posting on all four pages smooth and easy, but then there’s WordPress, and I recently discovered how inept I was at figuring it out. I would not have got this page sorted without some serious help from Ann Somerville.

I also discovered IFTT: If This Then That.

IFTTT is a connection service: If I post on WordPress Then a post will appear on Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook. It allows users to create recipes – for me that means it creates links between my social media platforms, ensuring that if I post to one, the same post will appear in my other social media platforms. So this post here on WordPress should appear on Tumblr and Twitter as well. (I already have a link set up between my Twitter and Facebook which took me so long to sort out, I can’t imagine going in and turning it off).

The service is easy to use – it’s as easy as pointing at icons and clicking. Handy icons represent 78 different social media platforms (channels) and from there it’s a matter of clicking to build your recipe. It really is that easy. And channels aren’t restricted to blogs or twitter. Dropbox, Evernote, LinkedIn and your iOS reminders are all channels that can be used to create whatever recipe you want.

Check it out: you can even set a recipe to send yourself an SMS when it snows. Like Gareth James of Digital Fantastico did, and then took a screenshot of it to share. I swear, I will figure out how to do somehow.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 09.26.39

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