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Author: Meglena Ivanova

Book Blurb (from author): The Legend of the Moonstone: A Series for Kids and Young Adults is a lovely YA fiction novel with very carefully and intricately woven threads. The story is full of many unexpected twists and turns and unexpected outcomes. Characters are based on people that I encounter. Not directly of course, but certain traits. With powerful stones, alien creatures, and everything mystical, it is easy to let your imagination run wild when reading The Legend of The Moonstone. You can imagine the characters and settings the way you want to. I hope everybody will enjoy reading it.

If you are fan of “The Lord of the Rings“, “Indiana Jones“, “Narnia” or “Harry Potter” you probably will like it a lot.

Summary (from author): After his participation in a top secret project, the famous teller of legends and myths, Professor of Mineralogy, Bernard Stransky, receives a present like no other – an enormous, glittering, gem. Little does he know that this legendary stone will bring with it a world of mystery and danger. The stone seems to hold strange powers beyond mere beauty, perhaps even a prophecy that travels with it. The sparkling Moonstone belongs to Professor Stransky, but he isn’t the stone’s real master. Part of the hidden heart of the mystery planet, the gem is the subject of an intense worldwide search by Upper Souls whose ultimate duty is to find and restore the stone to its rightful place. According to their beliefs, the special and powerful stone, belongs to them and their families. That’s not quite true! The Uppers wants to possess the Moonstone only because they think they are the Better part of their tribe. They are ready to do whatever it takes them to possess the stone and for them only that matters!

The Moonstone have to be returned back to its guardians, but a storm of supernatural, amazing and unexpected circumstances and surprising tricks of fate follow in its wake.

Book Review

This book has a little bit of everything—Indiana Jones, sci-fi and supernatural  elements that will keep young kids interested—though admittedly perhaps not adults.   Stranksy is a university professor, a master storyteller, really. He is reknowned for his tales, and the way he managed to bring his stories come to life for his students—how I wish some of my university teachers could have been like this!

And into his classroom, he brings the tale of the Moonstone, and so begins several characters’ quests to possess the stone.

The author proves to be adept at worldbuilding. She grounds the mystical, sci-fi elements through the utterly conventional setting of university—past and present—something all kids can relate to. Stransky in particular comes across like a favourite teacher who would rather tell his tall tales than teach, and the students that propel the story are, I am sure, of the type kids would find in their own classroom. Intriguingly, I found myself most interested in Christoph – at first, I thought he was the wet-blanket in the class, but he proves to be far more complicated than that.

The author also isn’t afraid of diving into the minds of the good guys, the bad guys—she takes great care in giving readers insight into the minds and the issues of each, when it would be easier to follow just one point of view through the book.

The author overall has a flair for weaving her tale, with descriptive writing that grabs the reader and doesn’t let go. The writing is fast-paced, which is great, but there are times when I thought some characters could have used more time taking readers into their situations.

No book is without flaws and this one is no different, but overall I think it will give kids and YA readers a great ride.


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Genre: YA fiction novel. 

Page: 152 

Publication date: August 8, 2013

 Publisher: Author House

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