Moonshifted by Cassie Alexander: Book Review


This series is rapidly becoming one of those for which I need the world to stop, and my work to understand that I absolutely NEED to stay at home and finish this book without any interruptions.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen, so instead, I become grateful I have such a long commute to work (which isn’t enough sometimes).

In this book, Edie is as usual working at the hospital on Y4 when she and Charles, a co-worker, save the life of a werewolf in a hit and run accident. The werewolf as it turns out is THE pack leader in town, which brings Y4 and Edie to the attention of the werewolves in the city. Not in a good way either.

At the same time this is happening, Edie is called upon to help Anna, the vampire-teen she helped in Nightshifted. Anna is coming into her own power in this book, and she is incredibly ruthless and yet, caring and understanding (in her own way) of Edie. Edie, for her part, knows the danger of getting involved with Anna, yet cannot just ignore what she is asking of her. There’s a soft heart inside the steel that is Edie Spence – she is aware of dangers, aware of that the choices she makes aren’t the right ones, and suffers the consequences of those decisions. That is what is utterly charming and mesmerising about Edie – she makes the hard decisions because to do anything else would not be right. And she suffers the consequences for them, the biggie being working for Y4.

The fight for leadership of the wolf packs in the city is what drives much of this story, including Edie’s own romantic interludes with Lucas and almost-romantic with Asher. I understand the need for Edie to want to remain “human” in the supernatural world she finds herself in, but in the case of Lucas and Anna, most especially, I am intrigued at the thought of what Edie would do were she to become wholly a part of the supernatural world, without wanting to break free of it all the time – yes, it’s the larger theme at play in this book, and Lucas and Anna present two different worlds that Edie finds herself involved with. I kept wondering what would happen if Edie were to find herself in the middle of these worlds…and yeah, my mind wandered as to where book 3 would go.

Anyway back to the main plot – through deft sleight-of-hand writing, Cassie Alexander gives the story a twist I didn’t see coming in the end, and that’s all I’m going to say about that. She’s an amazing writer, and this series is one that needs to continue for years to come. The beauty of Edie Spence is how Alexander has made her so relatable in the crazy supernatural world she finds herself in. She has no super-powers and she makes bad choices and mistakes and pays for them. There are plenty of characters out there that go down the same path, but there’s something about Edie that makes her stand out…she’s the BFF you always wanted.

There’s just something about Edie Spence, I guess…

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