Hard Magic book review

Hard Magic review: this is going to be short and sweet because this book is one of those titles that left me … Conflicted. On the one hand this is a fantastic premise, given the incredible amount of CSI and similar shows on TV these days, a CSI magic investigation team seems a natural progression. Gilman uses the world of her Retrievers series as well, so her world- building is well established and her confidence in that shows. But, perhaps as its the first in the series, much of this book was devoted to her main character, Bonita, and her fellow investigators learning how to investigate magical crimes. Much like the CSI shows, I began to find that boring, and no, I didn’t expect myself to be saying that.

My other problem with this book is that I am not sure what to make of Bonita. On the one hand, she is this confident woman who knows herself and what she wants, and what she lacks, more importantly, but on the other hand she becomes something… Else when it comes to setting up the romance between her and her boss, in essence, Venec. I guess, if an author needs to hit readers over the head about a (potential) romance between her characters in BOok 1 by going so far as to describe Bonita’s vagina contracting bc she’s in his presence, there’s something wrong somewhere. Subtle, or a steamy, sexy love affair, I have read both and enjoyed both, but the constant mention of her physical attraction to him wore me down and yanked me out of the case that was being built through the book. We’ll see if I go on to the next one, I guess.

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