#5Books: I feel old, which makes my first book rec rather appropriate

#5Books for the week ending 15 July

It’s been a hella long week. I feel old and decrepit and it felt like this week would not end. And the thing is, it crept up on me and the next thing I know I’m dog tired and I don’t even know how it happened — everyone has weeks like that right? 

So in the middle of this week, I check my email and find this first book and had to do a double take and then burst out laughing in the middle of the office and OMG, I could not resist.

Murder at the Male Revue 

I mean look at the cover! And yes, that’s a septuagenarian Summer Ridge Bridge Club on the cover too! So these lovely grandmas are ready to check off another item on their bucket list — helping their fellow Bridge Club member get over her fear of men in the nude and raise some funds for a deserving cause. But when a fundraiser sponsor dies, it’s up to these lovely ladies to save the day! It’s fun, light hearted and it’s a male review with septuagenarian Summer Ridge Bridge Club — I totally have to see how this turns out!

And then there’s a con, a caped crusader and a pregnancy.

The Almost Sisters

Leia (heh) is pregnant. To be more specific she gets pregnant at a con by a Batman. Whoever he may be. But before she can tell her very Southern family about her biracial baby, her step-sister’s marriage goes BOOM and her grandmother reveals she has dementia. And she’s been hiding that pertinent fact with the aid of her BFF Wattie. So Leia goes home to help her grandmother and clean out her house. And in the attic she finds a secret, the kind that leads back to the American Civil War and could pretty much ruin her family. So what does she do? No idea, but I want to find out. There’s such a difference to the beginning of this blurb to the end, that I have to know how the author straddled this difference. And with the mention of humour, I am even more curious!

Then there’s this:

The Lies We Tell

I am utterly curious about Gina Simonetti, the detective in this book. She’s got multiple sclerosis, she’s hiding it from her work and raising her youngest niece on her own. But then when she confronts a suspect, and he escapes she knows that if she finds him, he’s going to let her secret out of the bag. What I like about this is, it’s a search — there’s danger, but it doesn’t seem to be life or death, case-of-a-lifetime kind, you know? This is a woman trying to navigate this impossible situation she’s in. 

And, then there’s this mission impossible

Magicians Impossible 

So Jason is a magician, except he doesn’t know it — or didn’t know it, until his father Daniel apparently commits suicide. Thing is, Daniel was a secret agent for an ancient society of of spies, called the Invisible Hand, who happen to use magic to win a war that has been going on for centuries. And now, Jason finds himself the centre of attention of one too many secret societiesas you do when you’re trying to figure out what your dormant magic powers are, and who you can trust. Oh, and trying to discover who the hell is in your family tree? I did a double take at the pun-ny title — I was squinting at this on my phone at the way home and then read the blurb and that’s all she wrote. 

And that really is all she wrote, because Top Gun (it’s so 80s!) is on, back when Tom Cruise still had crooked teeth and Scientologist wasn’t stamped on his forehead and Meg Ryan just came on. Heh. What tickles your reading bones this week?


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