#5Books: Ebooks have had their day (again), didn’t destroy publishing, traditional books RULE blah blah blah

#5Books for the week ending 21 May

Maybe it’s just me that found this, but for the past two weeks or so, I’ve constantly seen articles about how the evil of all evils that is ebooks are dead (yes, again). That they couldn’t compete with traditional books blah blah blah … I suspect because some sort of results got released and ebook sales are down.

It’s always curious when I read these articles and these comments and it’s always one or the other. Ebooks and traditional books cannot exist together for readers — you MUST be one or the other.

Why can’t they coexist? I wonder if audiobooks keep increasing in popularity they’ll be next?

Every time I think that the idea that ebooks are less than traditional books, or that people who read traditional books are lauded over anyone that read ebooks all I can say is: people are reading. What the hell does it matter what they are reading???

UGH. Am grouchy.

Alright, deep breaths. Let’s focus on something more exciting shall we? Like:

Words on Bathroom Walls

I’m somewhat side-eyeing this, but I can’t help putting it on my list at the same time. Adam has just being diagnosed with schizophrenia and he sees and hears people who aren’t there. And he can’t separate them from reality. One of the people he sees is a nice polite naked guy called Jason. However, when he starts a new drug trial, he starts to be able to ignore his visions, and things get better — like meeting Maya, the uber cool, intelligent girl at school. But then his drug begins to fail and he doesn’t want Maya to discover his secret… why am I side-eyeing this? Because it kind of almost sounds like love might conquer all in this. I might be totally offbase, but the blurb does make me wonder. What do you think?

Who’s read The Widow? Yeah, that one did not turn out like I thought it would but I can’t deny the premise still has me hooked. Which is why I am recommending

Stillhouse Lake

Gina is a housewife with two kids and a husband who is a bit of a serial killer. So, when he’s arrested and carted off to prison, she becomes someone else entirely — as the blurb puts it, she’s a warrior mom. I think maybe self-defence classes might be involved? She’s also a mum who wants some peace for her kids and herself, so she changes their name and moves to Stillhouse Lake. The blurb describes it as remote, so you know it’s perfect for someone to come for them there. Which they do because people start dying and turning up in the lake and she starts getting threatening letters. But the buck stops with Warrior Mom Gwen, and I am all for her kicking ass and taking names and protecting her own. But who is after her?? 

So, who’s listened to Serial? Bc this next book rec seems to have been inspired by it in part.

Are you sleeping

So, a certain podcast opens up a cold case, and pretty much wrecks the life of the victim’s daughter. Josie has worked hard to build a life for herself after her father’s murder, her mother ran away to join a cult and her twin sister betrayed her. Which, you know is a lot to deal with, and you can’t really blame her for wanting to build something away from that life. Then, the podcast opens up her father’s case and her mother dies, which forces Josie to return home to the town where it happened… where I think her sister might be. The blurb mentions three people other than her, and tells us what happened to two of them, which leaves her sister. So what happened to her sister? How did she betray Josie? And how much do you want to bet I am completely wrong and something entirely different happens???

So. This might be the most interesting way to include a dog in a mystery.


Andy is a lawyer who happens to love running a dog rescue organisation. One day, they find a dog abandoned at their shelter — the same dog that was kidnapped along a with a baby 2.5 years ago. The mum’s former boyfriend was arrested for the kidnapping but the dog and the kid were never found… until now. And Andy and his team try to figure out if the right guy got arrested. Mind you, this is book 16, so this is a long-running series, but I think this sounds self-contained enough to be worth a shot. 

Oh man, this one gives me the shivers. BIG TIME.

Here and Gone

This gets to me. A woman is trying to escape an abusive marriage with her kids, when she is pulled over by a sheriff and taken into custody. And poof, her kids are gone. Cops say that she never had kids with her — and that she must have done something to them if she says they’re gone. So how do you fight that? Not being believed? And how is a man halfway around the country related to this story? What happened to him in his past that makes him believe her?

I for one cannot get Collared out of my head! That cover! What about you??


  • Angela says:

    I’m with you on ebook v. paper book – I’m not an ebook reader, at least not yet, but really, who cares? In this day and age, I can still get practically every paper book I want at my library, but ebooks are everywhere (like all those ARCs that bloggers get). Each has its pros and cons, and I don’t think any of them are going away any time soon.

    Re: Here and Gone – um, that sounds like a NIGHTMARE situation.

    • Verushka says:

      I don’t know why people get so mean when they talk about ebooks. Like to the point, I’d be afraid to point out to them that I read it. And, IKR? Here and Gone is terrifying!

  • I read ebooks and traditional books and hey, I agree with you, people are reading so what’s the big issue. The cover for Collared is too darn cute. I REALLY need to start that series. I started Lessons with Tara which is a memoir by the author who actually rescues dogs in reality. Seems like a great guy!

    • Verushka says:

      Right? It does my head in how they insist it must be one or the other. Collared is just aDORABLE! Lessons with Tara is one I have to check out!

  • Thanks for sharing! I have a copy of Words on Bathroom Walls (we’ll see if love conquers all; I hope not) and Are You Sleeping — which I’m SO Curious about.

    • Verushka says:

      Oh I am so totally going to stalk your blog for that review! And IA, Are you Sleeping certainly has me curious too!

  • Greg says:

    Yeah I don’t really get the either/ or thing with books – traditional vs ebook. I agree- if someone is reading who cares what format?? I mean I know people were worried about bookstores going out and all that, but I don’t know- I like both formats so I get tired of seeing those kinds of articles too. 🙂

    I do like that cover of Stillhouse Lake.

    • Verushka says:

      Stillhouse Lake has my attention for sure! And why is it so easy to just dump on ebooks and people who read them? It’s like a yearly sport at this point.

  • Kelly says:

    I’m an equal opportunity reader too Verushka and buy a mixture of paperbacks and ebooks. For me an ebook saves space on my shelves and also some can be quite pricey in Australia if they haven’t been picked up by a publisher as well. I buy in paperback to support the publishing industry, from printers to bookshop owners and staff because I’m a firm believer in supporting the Aussie industry as well. But would never shame someone who exclusively reads ebooks. These articles seem to surface every few months don’t they, along with why adults shouldn’t read YA and how romance readers are lesser readers. All just clickbait for more views it seems.

    • Verushka says:

      You’re right, it is a bit like clickbait like the adults reading YA question. It drives me bonkers every damn time — both those questions too. Surely publishing can offer better to things to write about?? I’m attracted to the practicality of ebooks, but it usually feels like you’re the worst person ever to say something and not covet every book and it’s cover. Like no. The words matter to me and reading them.

  • I used to read mostly paper books and still prefer them in most cases, but I have to say I do love the portability of the ebooks and that they sync across my iPhone, iPad, etc. I don’t get the hate either.

    I was literally just reading about Words on Bathroom Walls earlier today and I was giving it the side eye too for the same reason. Still curious enough to read it though and see how it plays out, lol.

    • Verushka says:

      I am totally curious about Words too, despite my fears. I really hope the author pulls this off, big time! I like paperbacks, I confess and prefer them to hardbacks because there’s a sense of comfort to them for me that the latter doesn’t have — even that seems to be taboo sometimes. But the practicality of ebooks, fitting into my life just works for me. Besides the juding from others that is.

  • Lily says:

    I am really excited for Here and Gone, it looks really good. But so do a lot of the titles up there.

    I don’t agree with that notion. I agree with you, what does it matter how we read as long as we read? I like both. I listen to audiobooks when I go out or do stuff. I read ebooks at night cause I cannot read a physical book in the dark and I read Physical books during the day when I can. So.. I own as many ebooks as I do physical books, sometimes in both formats >.<

    • Verushka says:

      Audiobooks are growing in popularity so much I wonder if there’s someone out there working on a similar angle for an an article that sounds the same like the ones I’ve read except about audibooks…. where’s my eyeroll emjoi when I need it. I wish people would consider the act of reading more important than what or how people read.

  • Evelina says:

    Yeah, this is a funny concept. Actually, I’ve never thought of it that way. For me, the book is what’s INSIDE it. The words. Not the actual object. So it makes no difference what medium it is. Besides, being international, I could not be a blogger without ebooks. It would just be so expensive and impossible to get them.
    Also. What is this lovely comment reply plugin you are using? 😀 I am changing my theme and struggling with this at the moment xD

    • Verushka says:

      Me too! In Australia postage ALWAYS SUCKS! So ebooks are a godsend! And you’re right — it’s what’s inside that counts. (And i think the plug in is either Comment Mail or contact form 7. I can’t figure which, but those are the only two comment plugins I have activated)

  • omg yes… blah blah blah! the debates! Ebooks and traditional books have like different places in my life and they are not exclusive. I requested “Words on Bathroom Walls” hope I get approved. I’m very curious about that book! Can’t wait to hear what you thin of it!

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