#5Books: Some old, some new and a blue (cover)

#5Books Book recs for the week ending 8 Jan 2017

Work started today (or tomorrow) as I write this. 2016 wasn’t the best year work wise, but it slowly has gotten better, thanks to a new job I found at the end of last year. Today is the first day back with a new manager and director who started last year, but we didn’t really get a chance to work together properly because our department was winding done. So, interesting and hopefully good times ahead.

I watched Assassin’s Creed this past week, and I have to say it wasn’t that good. The story got muddled a lot, though weirdly, now what the pesky first worldbuilding movie is over, there might be a pretty good movie series in it. I mean, watching the assassins jump across rooftops is fun.

On a sadder note, there was the trailer for The Fate of the Furious, with Dom going up against pretty much his family for some reason. You know what the only think I could think of was? This movie with this storyline? Needs Brian and Paul Walker. I watched the Fast and Furious 7 over the holidays — YAY streaming — and completely forgot that this was the movie during which he passed away. Damn.

And also? The trailer needed more Helen Mirren in it because I will watch it solely to see her behind the wheel of a car.

The last movie I watched this holidays was Passengers, which was all sorts of wrong. It’s creepy and not even Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence can make this work. That said, why oh why did they agree to do this? There’s a reason it’s been in development for 10 years.

So, what movies are you looking forward to this year?

Yes, I know this is a post about books, but I couldn’t resist some movie talk. But speaking of book recs:

The first rec I have was published in November last year, but I just found it recently and it’s something that I can’t get out of my head because, well: what if Sauron had to work with Frodo to save the day?

The second book I have is about marriage and secrets and lies, and what happens when the lies come out. Except…

I love The Great British Bake Off. LOVE. Where else are you going to learn about the history of wedding cakes? I watched many a repeat on our cable network before we cancelled it and that was that. SADLY. And even though I hadn’t watched in awhile, I was bummed at what happened with Mary and the hosts and the show last year. But, I was beyond excited when I found this release by a winner … and it’s not a cookbook.

Fourth is a book about a family business, which you know happens to be catching ghosts. And our intrepid main character might be more of an intrepid wuss who is about to be inducted into said family business. I mean, imagine Supernatural‘s Sam being afraid of hunting ghosts? Does not compute, right? (side note: Mary’s back this new season of Supernatural, right? Is it worth catching up with the show now without having watched since Season 5?)

And fifth is a fact of this world I think: Seanan McGuire never sleeps. It’s the only explanation for the wealth of writing she does.

The Dark Lord

Avery is a student at a magic university, who goes undercover as an evil sorcerer on a world called Trelari. Is the undercover assignment part of his studies? I sincerely hope so! When he gets back to his real world he tells his story to a beautiful woman the day he returns, who promptly copies his idea and goes to Trelari to rule as a dark queen. But here’s where it gets better: Avery has to return to the world to liberate it … and work with the people who fought him as a dark lord. First up, the worldbuilding here sounds wonderfully complicated and I want to know more about the rules in it. This book is described as a parody of epic fantasy, so Avery going back and explaining himself? Has to be GOOD.

The Marriage Lie

Iris and Will have their happily ever after… until Will dies in a plane crash. Thing is, Will was never supposed to be on that flight to Seattle. Iris is left trying to figure out what was in Seattle, and why was he going there. And, more importantly, what else was he lying about. Secrets are insidious things that make for glorious storytelling devices, and sometimes they can fall flat. As a pancake. I think the simplest ones have the most power, and this sounds promising — and also frustrating because Will is dead. Is it an affair? I feel like that would be such a let down in a way? Another family? Do we meet them? 

The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters

Written by Nadiya Hussain, this is the story of the four Amir sisters, who live in an English village and all have their own secrets they’re keeping from each other and their parents. They’re trying to figure out who they are, and I did wonder how their culture would figure into this. But, the story is about a tragedy that strikes, one that perhaps reveals their secrets. And the thing with secrets is, sometimes people do need secrets to be able to survive. Family tradition is painful and hard to break free from… but it does makes for a good story. 

The Case of the Green-Dressed Ghost

Kester. With a name like that, there’s not much hope for him is there? His mother’s dying request is that he find a Dr Ribero, who as he finds out is his father. And a ghost hunter. So Kester joins up, finds himself in the middle of an ancient ghost story. ANCIENT. I like that word here. I’t’s not a couple of decades ago it’s ancccccient. The family angle too seems like it could provide some goodness, and here’s hoping the actual fact that his father was long lost is dealt with. (Though I have to admit to a certain dissapointment that his mum wasn’t the long lost parent in this regard)

Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day

So Jenna is dead. Her sister is dead. And somehow, both are her fault. Thing is Jenna’s time isn’t up yet, so she decides to volunteer at a suicide hotline. As a ghost. Naturally, a ghost story isn’t complete without a Big Bad and this one is binding ghosts to mirrors to control them. So, how is Jenna the one standing in its way? What is it? And, how does the ghost and living worlds work? I mean she is volunteering at a hotline, so how does that work?!

So, I admit I have a thing for domestic noir if the book is compared to certain nameless titles with the word “Girl” in it. The Amir Sisters sound wonderful too, and I am pretty thrilled with the fantasy novels I found this week, especially the new one from Seanan McGuire. What about you? Which ones stick in your mind?


  • Silvia says:

    Noooo, too bad neither Assassin’s Creed and Passengers worked well for you. I was looking forward to seeing Passengers, but got a very bad flu and got stuck home for the past week . . . So NOT fun 🙁 Anyway, I’ll have a look at the books you shared, I believe I might enjoy some of them! Also, good luck with the new job! 🙂

  • Angela says:

    My husband and I love going to the movies, and he always has a mental list of all the flicks we need to see this year. I’m not sure what’s up first, though…

    The Marriage Lie is definitely on my TBR. Like you, I’m kinda hoping the secret isn’t cliché like an affair!

  • Verushka, Did you change the landing page to magazine layout? LOVE IT. If you are frowning now because it has been like that since forever and you don’t know what to say… not don’t worry. Keep swimming! I do this often. I call myself “AKA Maleficent” but I’m more like cutesy short-memory-loss Dory. 🙂
    OH MAN you got the best images arrangements ever. 🙂
    I’m glad this is a fresh start for you work wise. Good luck with the new manager 🙂
    oh nooooo… Assassin’s Creed… bummer! My son is a HUGE fan and we wanted to take him to see it this weekend!
    I STILL remember Fast and furious 7. My heart almost disappeared! 🙁
    Verushka.. go to the doctor! You must be coming down with something! Passenger was AH-WESOME 🙂 Hummmm now you are making me question your judgment! Know I’m gonna have to go check Assassin’s Creed 😛

  • Out of the blue, I received approval for The Dark Lord from Edeilweiss yesterday – I requested it eons ago. Why do they wait so long. It’s been out several months right? Oh well, hopefully I can make time for it!

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