#5Books: Book recs you never knew you wanted!

#5Books book recommendations

The first, with a glorious title, is set in Ireland. From the blurb I think it’s going to be an intense character piece — it’s about how five people are affected by a murder, including the killer — so intense character piece is an understatement. The question is: how are these five connected? Though why may be a better question.

There’s a fish-out-of-water story wherein said fish are not the fish I expected to be out of water, which is why I recced it.  Then there’s the time travel story that I really do WANT to read, because it’s about being stuck in one particular year — don’t worry, there’s an escape — but the worldbuilding has me very curious and wondering how the author is going to pull this off.

Then there’s a rec with a title that has no shame, and I LOVE IT. It’s also another that has some incredible worldbuilding potential I think. And magic. And a supernatural underground. And a war.

And the last, I actually changed one of my recs this week from a time travel one (I was going to rec two, read on you’ll see) to one about a doctor who has hit rock bottom. I think the story is in part about him trying to redeem himself, but as always in a thriller like this, it’s never that easy.  Like EPICALLY not easy.

The Glorious Heresies: Set in Ireland, this is a story of one murder and the five people who are affected by it. There’s Ryan a 15-year-old drug dealer and his dad who is obsessed with a his next door neighbour. There’s Georgie a prostitute who decides to fake a religious conversion (Why?) and Maureen, who is apparently, the accidental murderer who returns to Ireland after 40 years in exile – the murder that links them all? Could it be her husband? Especially as the fifth character is her son, Jimmy, who’s the most feared gangster in the city. How were they all affected by the murder? Maureen is back in Cork to atone for her actions, which seem to put her son and the Irish underworld in the spotlight – what does she do? Why did she leave Jimmy and what does she have to atone for? I am hoping for solid storytelling and character building with this title – and also Ireland. I’ve never read a book set there.

The Marked Girl (Marked Girl #1): Grabbed me for one very simple reason: it’s not about a modern character being a fish out of water in a  supernatural place, it’s actually the other way around. I feel like I must’ve missed out on so much in books like this: I have never read a book in which characters are experiencing our modernity for the first time. In this case, Cedric, his bethrothed Kat, and his friends. They all land in LA, and meet Liv, with whom Cedric bonds — why is there always a love triangle? SIGHS. But, Liv has a connection to their world – which I did not expect – and the book is about how they get home. So yes. I’m all over fish-out-of-water stories when they’re done differently. For me anyway. What other titles like this have I missed btw?!

The Immortals: I haven’t read time travel in a while, I think, and this one is pretty damn cool: Rosa is stuck in 1945, living through it day after day. The concept is mindbogglingly frustrating for Rosa, don’t you think? But, she leaves – no, I wasn’t going to rec a book about a woman stuck in one year through the entire thing – but now, she can’t stay still and travels from century to century with Tommy Rust, a time-gypsy – which sounds enticing yes? How does a time-gypsy come to be? But, back to the story: Rosa and Tommy meet Harding, a soldier. Happens to have been around for a 1000 years or so and it seems he’s the key to them staying whenever they wish. I’m totally captivated by this world of time travel – is it just them that are time travellers? Or rather, why is it just them? How does one keep slipping through time? And more importantly, how do you stay still?

The War Against the Assholes: Alright, first that title? You can’t tell me you don’t what to know who the assholes are and why there’s a war against them. Mike is introduced to a book called the Calendar of Slights by a classmate aka sidekick, I suspect. Turns out the book is a recruitment rest from a cell of radical magicians. And Mike and Hob, his sidekick, get introduced to the supernatural NYC and the underground as a result – the magicians and warlocks and mages that are fighting the war against the assholes – the establishment. I’m impressed with the potential of the worldbuilding here – and this war against the establishment. Why are they fighting?

Dr Knox: This one is about a doctor who is trying to do the right thing by a child left at his clinic, but of course, it’s never that easy. It’s the last line in the blurb that got me hooked, but before we get there: Adam, after a disastrous experience with an NGO in Africa, returns to LA, where he runs the sort of clinic that doesn’t ask too many questions. When a child is left at his clinic, he attempts to find the child’s mother, he runs into — and I quote from the blurb — human traffickers, Russian mobsters, and corporate security thugs, and to a powerful, secretive, and utterly ruthless family — and I was hooked. AmIrite?

Which ones do you want to read?


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