#5Books: Book recs you must read

#5Books: Book recs you need to see!


Bit of a mixed bag of book recs this week! I’ve been waiting with baited breath for The Night Manager — which you know, in Australia means it’s going to be next year at the rate the channels here work — so I was pleased to find a book by one of the leads! There’s a modern version of one of my favourite Shakespeare’s comedies and what looks to be an interesting take on how society views beauty. It’s funny, so I’m hopeful! There’s a scifi novel being released later this year that’s asking what’s real and what’s not and a story about a prisoner given a deal to leave prison early, but of course, there’s a price.

The Vinegar Girl: Is a retelling of The Taming of the Shrew!  Kate’s father asks her for an impossible favour… and proceeds to win her over with what the blurb calls a ludicrous campaign! It sounds brilliant! 

The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty: Barb and Lily are friends: one is gorgeous and one is not, and both fear their looks will hold them back from finding love. Throw in a murder and you have an interesting mix of commentary and whodunnit. I’m still digesting this blurb, but I can’t deny part of me desperately wants to see how this all comes together. 

Dark Matter: Jason wakes up in a world that isn’t his own. But what is real? The world he remembers or the one he’s just woken up in? I love books with questions like this!  

The Second Life of Nick Mason: Despite the title, Nick’s life isn’t as positive as it sounds. His early release from prison comes with a price he has to pay to a criminal mastermind who is spending his life in prison. What it comes down to is: Nick will receive a call and he has to do whatever the caller says. Whatever he does, it sets a cop on his trail and gets his family involved and it’s messy — messy enough to make good reading!

The Gun Seller: Hugh Laurie wrote a book! And a comedy to boot, though that probably shouldn’t be as surprising as I sound. It’s a spoof of the spy genre, and basically features a nice guy assassin who warns his victim about the contract on his life and promptly finds out being a nice guy causes him a whole lot of trouble. I swear, I was laughing just reading the blurb!

What do you think of these recs? Does any strike your fancy?


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