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5Books: book recommendations for the week ending 130215

This week’s book recommendations include a history of Ragnarok, told by a liar if not THE liar. There’s a story of 1920s Prohibition… of magic, and there’s an urban fantasy involving a Paranormal Investigations unit, missing kids and vampires. There’s also a Jane Austen murder mystery, with you know Jane Austen doing the investigating, and last the story of Romeo and Jude, which is not what you think it is!

Jane Austen and the Waterloo Map: I am completely and utterly charmed at the idea of Jane Austen as a sleuth, solving the crimes of high society. This is no 13 in a series, so there’s a whole lot to love and read about in this series. What do you think? 

A Criminal Magic: Oh God, this sounds good: it’s set in a 1920s magic Prohibition Washington for one, where magic is illegal. And there’s a little bit of  a Romeo and Juliet story going on between Joan who works her magic for a crime syndicate and Alex who is a cop tasked with going undercover in the syndicate and it sounds bloody fantastic! Magic, prohibition and the 1920s!

Nightshades: Vampires are getting interesting! On the heels of my WOW last week, I found Nightshades by Melissa F. Olson: vampires, paranormal investigations office and kids that have gone missing — and a gorgeous, gorgeous cover!

Romeo and Jude: This is an Audible original audiobook dramatisation with a killer cast. AND, it’s obviously a twist on Romeo and Juliet: Romeo and Jude is being played out on stage, and the leads promptly fall in love before their own Romeo and Juliet (Jude) story plays out.  I absolutely love audiobooks with a cast and I am so hooked by Romeo and Juliet (Jude) happening on stage.

The Gospel of Loki: So, first up, Loki of course. BUT it’s also written by the author of Chocolat, and I can’t think of two more different books. This is the story of the rise and fall of the Norse Gods from his point of view. Anyone else thinking of a movie of this starring Tom Hiddelston?

That’s it for this week! What are you looking forward to?


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